Pinterest, why include it in your social media marketing strategy

In the face of more and more users oriented to the use of different digital tools and online shopping , the brands that will be able to stand out will be those that in addition to products or services will offer inspirations, experiences : online shopping must be ever closer to the needs real people and the user experience must be increasingly engaging.

And if we talk about inspirations we can only think of the world of Pinterest : halfway between inbound and outbound marketing , between social and search engine , the platform allows you to share images such as Facebook and Instagram but also to do research to answer specific questions . like Google.


Narration and images are the beating heart of Pinterest, a platform that sees its users involved to find inspiration and carry out future projects, as emerges from the data of the last few months.

In the survey conducted by Pinterest between June 2019 and November 2020, more than 90% of people claim to be inspired and have found ideas for shopping thanks to the platform.

The report also shows that 97% of searches on Pinterest are not related to a brand , which instead can reach its target both thanks to organic activity and thanks to targeted advertising campaigns. Advertising campaigns that respond to specific KPIs, which can be included within a broader strategy to reach the different types of conversions: from leads to visits to the site, from adding to the cart to purchasing.

Pinterest tools, such as Lens – the visual search for objects via the smartphone camera – allow you to discover more products and promote more meaningful interactions with consumers online and offline.

At the end of December 2020 the platform introduced other tools to adapt to user requests : from the new notes to be used directly in the Pins to the Favorites of the board, from the automatic grouping of Pins into thematic sections, to the suggested templates for the sections of the board and a new one toolbar, Pinterest has optimized its resources to cope with an increasing increase in searches, saves and new message boards on specific topics, such as home improvement, home physical activity, essentials and baby products.


With over 440 million active users in the world , Pinterest is confirmed as one of the most strategic social networks for B2C companies and brands, especially in the beauty, fashion, design, travel, food and lifestyle sectors.

In Italy, over 19 million people are active on the platform every month , of which 56% are women and 44% are men. The most active targets are millennials and Generation X : 22% users between 35-44 years and 24% between 45-54.

Recently the platform also published the usual Pinterest Predicts : “People use Pinterest to find ideas for the future. As a result, we are able to predict what will happen in the coming months. Among the trends we predicted for 2020, 8 out of 10 have come true. * Pinterest Predicts is not just a trend report. It is a report on trends that are not yet trends, a look towards the future from the platform where life plans are made. “