Pikdo for Students: 8 Clever Uses

Pikdo is a social media platform that enables users to publish photographs and videos on its own platform as well as on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. People may transmit audio-visual components with digital filters using this internet application. This cutting-edge online tool is especially beneficial to students, who may use it to exchange material, engage with peers, and even seek instructor comments.

Pikdo, believe it or not, has a broad variety of applications that may be beneficial to education. So, if you’re a student interested in learning more about Pikdo, keep reading.

Pikdo’s Advantages for Students

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1. Enhance your language abilities

Pikdo may help students enhance their verbal abilities. Students may use this tool to share their thoughts and ideas on a variety of issues. They may accomplish it by putting their ideas into the appropriate words and phrases.

Students may also take part in a group exercise in which each student requests that the others remark on a photograph or video. Students may enhance their word use and sentence construction abilities in this manner.

2. iPhoneography is a great way to learn about photography.

Pikdo is centered on iPhoneography, which is the art of photographing using an iPhone. This allows students to master the intricacies of photography, which will aid them in developing their own portfolio of images for future projects. Students may learn how to achieve the most beautiful images with accuracy with this tool.

3. Develop Emotional Intelligence

Pikdo assists students in developing emotional intelligence by allowing them to recognize and comprehend their inner sentiments such as fear, motivation, and desire. Teachers may engage students in a few classroom exercises in which they can remark on their responses to a photograph or video clip. Students may acquire a good understanding of emotions by being exposed to snaps that exhibit a diversity of moods.

4. Develop interpersonal abilities

Pikdo also encourages students to develop interpersonal skills, which are essential for leading healthy personal and professional life. Teachers may use this tool to engage students in classroom activities that need interpersonal skills to determine fellow students’ sentiments and moods. Students may now practice these abilities as well, thanks to Pikdo.

5. Share your knowledge

Students may use Pikdo to share a variety of multimedia material across many social media networks. This allows kids to interact and share information with their peers and professors. Students may use Pikdo to build a network of people with whom they can exchange knowledge on a number of subjects. Students may use this audio/visual medium to participate in two-way conversation and explore a topic. Pikdo

6. Have Fun While Learning

Pikdo may also play an important part in maintaining student interest in the classroom. This online application brings instructors and students together on one platform to participate in a variety of enjoyable activities and interactions. Teachers may assign “photo essays” to students, which they can create by snapping a sequence of photos and adding remarks to each one.

Pikdo makes project-based learning easier for students. You may acquire crucial input from your classmates by utilizing images of your topic and sharing them with them. Similarly, you may leave your thoughts on photographs of your peers.

8. Get More Knowledge in Less Time

Pikdo Instagram online viewer may help students be more productive in the classroom. They may receive the most recent photographs and snapshots for their project using this clever social media application. They may receive all the interactive information on a topic by searching the category. Students may get the most out of their efforts in less time this way.

Is Pikdo Beneficial to Students in the End? Is it Beneficial?

As you can see from the preceding list, Pikdo has a plethora of perks and advantages for students. However, this must be balanced against the risks of smartphone and social media addiction, as well as the mental health issues that may arise from excessive social media usage. If you use Pikdo (or teach pupils how to use it), be sure to establish proper boundaries and balance it out with some “low-tech” alternatives.

However, it is obvious that Pikdo has ushered in new developments in the way information is shared. In a couple of seconds, students may access a variety of multimedia materials with this programmed. Hopefully, these developments will make students’ lives easier, allowing them to be more productive both inside and beyond the classroom.