Orbi Router Flashing White Light? Let’s Help!

Netgear Orbi router has two lights on it. One is the Power light and the second is Ring light. Orbi light colors tell you about Orbi working status. The Power light helps you know its power status. The second is the Ring light which helps you know the working status of the router. Ring LED on Orbi flashing white light means either the router is powering up or the WPS button is pressed and it is trying to make the connection. The light turns off as soon as the router is fully booted up or the WPS connection is established. However, many users have reported that the light keeps on flashing white and doesn’t turn off. Is your Orbi router flashing in white color too? Use the fixes from this post to troubleshoot this problem. Read more to know more.

Fixing Orbi Router Flashing White Light

Check the Power Socket

The power socket into which the Orbi router is plugged could be damaged which is why it is not getting fully booted up. This can cause the light to flash white. Fix the damage on the socket right away. At times the damage is not visible to the naked eye. In that case, you should try plugging in the router to another socket to see if it works or not.

Use the Correct Adapter

The power adapter used to supply power to the Orbi router should be the same that came in its package. Are you using some other power adapter with Orbi? This is why the light keeps flashing and won’t turn off. Make use of the right power adapter to supply power to the Orbi. Besides, check that the power cable is not loose as this can also be a reason for the issue.

Use a UPS

If there are fluctuations in the power supply then also the Orbi router won’t boot up completely and the light keeps flashing. You are suggested to use a UPS to deal with the power fluctuations.

Reboot the Router

A technical glitch might be the reason why the Orbi is behaving this way. You can get rid of these temporary hiccups in the technical devices by rebooting them. Therefore, reboot the Orbi router now. Power it off and let it sit idle for some time. Do not forget to unplug the router. After some time, plug it back and turn it on. In case the Orbi router’s ring LED is no more flashing white, then you can stop the troubleshooting process.

NOTE: If you were trying to make a WPS connection, then go for it now. Make very certain that the device that you’re trying to connect to the Orbi router is placed closer to it so that there’s no issue while connecting them.

Is the Orbi ring light still flashing in white color? Get to the next hack if the problem persists.

Reset Netgear Orbi Router

Resetting is the ultimate fix that you should opt for when nothing else helps you resolve the problem that you are troubled by. Reset the Orbi router and make the default settings run on it. The current customized settings will be erased from the router after you reset it. This will also delete any faulty configuration setting from the Orbi router that’s causing this issue. To reset Orbi, you first need to remove its connection with the ISP modem. After that, push and hold its Reset button with the help of a sharp object. The Orbi resets and has the factory settings running on it.

Set Up Orbi Again from Scratch

Upon resetting the Netgear Orbi router, you need to set it up all over again from the very beginning. Connect it to the ISP modem using a LAN cable and use the Orbi app to set up the Orbi router. You can also make use of the web interface method for Orbi setup. Visit orbilogin URL to open the Orbi login page. Make use of the default username and password to log in and complete its setup.

The Closing Thoughts

This is all about how you can fix the Orbi router that’s continuously flashing white light. The ring LED will no more show you white light. You can also connect to your Orbi router’s WiFi without any trouble.