Nigersaurus Dinosaur, The Biggest of Them All

Nigersaurus Dinosaur was one of the biggest dinosaurs of all time, weighing in at around 33 tons. What do you think? Are you shocked to hear that this what dinosaur has 500 teeth? And that’s not even the craziest thing about it… Continue reading and discover more facts about the Nigersaurus Dinosaur!


Nigersaurus is a long-necked dinosaur that has 500 teeth in it. It was an herbivore and had an estimated length of 17 to 20 feet long. As shown in illustrations, Nigersaurus resembled Sauroposeidon except for its shorter snout and rounder head. This dinosaur lived during Cretaceous period around 100 million years ago. Its name means black lizard or Black African reptile which is inspired by Africa since it was discovered there.

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A new species of dinosaur from northern Africa has been named Nigersaurus taqueti. It is reported that it was a titanosaurid sauropod dinosaur with an estimated length up to 30m (98ft). At some 15m (49ft) in length and weighing at least 100 tonnes, N. taqueti is considered to be among some of the largest land animals that ever lived on Earth.


Nigersaurus dinosaur was found in 1999 in Niger. It lived around 112 million years ago during Cretaceous period and belongs to group Abelisauridae (it is a member of Carnosauria). Scientists have described two specimens which were identified as a male and female by their size and appearance. It was 9 meters long; 4.5 meters tall with 500 teeth in its mouth that helped it chew anything that came its way including plants, meat or bones.

1-Year-Old Baby Inside

This rare Nigersaurus dinosaur was found in 2011 near Morocco. While searching for fossils near a river, paleontologists spotted a large bone sticking out of rock. When they dug it out with hammers and shovels they were shocked to find one fossil that took up almost half of their entire quarry. It’s estimated that is must have weighed at least 2 tons and measured 10 feet long – much larger than any other dinosaur ever discovered!

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The Nigersaurus dinosaur was identified in Niger in 1988 by a team of French researchers. This dinosaur had 500 teeth and a long jaw. Fossils show that it ate large prehistoric mammals and even other dinosaurs. What makes Nigersaurus such an interesting dinosaur is its size; it is thought to be bigger than any other predator from that period.

Size Comparison

Nigersaurus Dinosaur was a dinosaur that roamed Africa in the early Cretaceous Period. It was more than twice as large as any other known land animal at its time. The first specimen found had 500 teeth and stood 40 feet tall. Its skull alone measured 5 feet long. It weighed an astonishing 65 tons and is estimated to have been between 50 and 85 years old when it died.

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