Men’s Glasses

Men’s Glasses: Picking ideal frames for facial contours

It might be challenging to find a pair of men’s eyeglasses that fit your face correctly. When looking for eyewear for guys, the selection may seem overwhelming. It may take time to discover the perfect pair since there are many different options in form, function, and colour.

It would help if you had a trendy frame. Still, you’d like spectacles that can weather the following two years of fashion changes. You should pick out a frame that complements your facial structure. This way, you’ll be able to find a pair of mens glasses that work for you long after the trend has faded. Take your time and use this advice as a starting point to choose the perfect pair of glasses for your face shape and style.

How can you determine your face shape?

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it may significantly impact which frames are the best fit. Take a quick look at this; you won’t have to second-guess your new men’s glasses purchase. While options like applications are available, more straightforward methods are recommended.

  • A selfie taken with a phone or one found online may be a suitable substitute. Use the ‘pen-tool’ in an app or your notes to draw a contour of your face. Make your face stand out with a vivid pen colour.
  • To use this picture approach, print out a simple black-and-white self-portrait. Alternatively, a picture taken in passport format will also work well using this approach. Using a colourful pen, make a quick outline of your face and hair (if you have one.)
  • You may use the mirror technique by purchasing a white-board marker pen that is not permanent. In a close-up mirror, use the non-permanent pen to outline the contours of your face. Does it need to be repeated that this is temporary?

Men’s Eyewear Frames Designed for Different Facial Structures

The most prevalent facial outline types are described here. It’s more probable that you’ll have a face that’s a hybrid of more than one form.

In such a case, feel free to compare and contrast the glasses recommended for both. Even so, you should be better armed after doing this to choose the best glasses for your face shape as a man.

Rounded Male Face Glasses

You have a more feminine look, rounder cheeks, and a less pronounced jawline. A square frame for your glasses is recommended if this describes you. Frames with sharp corners will provide a lovely contrast to your round face.

Men’s square tortoise shell glasses are a timeless choice for individuals with fair complexion. You have a round face and fair skin so these frames will complement your features well. It’s reasonable if you’d prefer not to commit to either side of the argument. Perhaps a monochromatic acetate frame would be more understated than one with bright colours for guys who wear glasses.


Round frames are recommended to balance out your square features. Round tortoise frames will balance out your square face for a classic appeal. There are many different acetate alternatives in our range of frames for men’s spectacles if you find tortoises too flashy.

But if a circular body shape isn’t your thing, that’s OK, too. Choose a frame with a more angular brow line instead. These glasses are rounded at the bottom but have a more pronounced top portion. The frames in this design aren’t as bold and give off a more subdued impression.