Make the Most of Your Vacation in the Charms and Chills of Owensboro, KY

Planning a vacation in Owensboro Kentucky? You have made the right choice because it’s one of those lovely mid-western cities that will charm you with all its interesting sights, sounds, and souvenirs. 

Founded sometime in 1815 on the bank of the River Ohio, the city is named after the war hero, Colonel Abraham Owen who successfully fought the early Kentucky wars. There is a lot of interesting history that the town has to offer. 

Getting to Owensboro is really easy when you take any of the quality bus trips in the Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio areas. Some folks prefer to drive down in their cars but many others take the bus. 

The bus journeys have a charm of their own as you can enjoy the beauty of the American mid-western country with colorful foliage amidst rolling hills and farmland. 

Owensboro is the fourth-largest city in Kentucky with a population of 114,000 people, who have built and sustained a vibrant culture in the city. They have also preserved its history to the extent possible and all of that makes the city a visitor’s delight. 

There are regular Kentucky bus trips to Owensboro from many locations in the Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio area and beyond. A lot of folks are realizing that a journey by bus is really enjoyable on vacations.  

Check out what the city’s main attractions offer 

When you are in Owensboro, the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum is a must-visit place. Kentucky is one of those places where Bluegrass music originated. 

The Museum of Fine Art in Owensboro displays a rich collection of artifacts not just from Owensboro or the state of Kentucky but from across the country and beyond. Try not to miss this museum.

Similarly, the Owensboro Museum of Science and History offers a very interesting collection of displays and experiences like a journey on a coal mine elevator. 

You won’t miss Smothers Park in downtown Owensboro and your children won’t forget it. There are many other attractions this lovely city offers. 

Enchanting outdoors that you cannot resist 

Most folks vacationing in Owensboro don’t miss the Diamond Lake Resort with its long list of attractions like campsites, fishing, boating, mini-golf, and much more. 

The Joe Ford Nature Center is open round the year and is the perfect place for entire families to go on a nature trail.

Get a feel of Owensboro’s history with country plantation house carriage rides that are available on Friday and Saturday evenings. 

The Kentucky Motor Speedway is the home track of a few of the champs like ‘O-Boys’ and Greens. The races are held between March and September. 

If you haven’t considered the bus tours in Owensboro, Kentucky then you should check it out because that will add to the fun and excitement of your vacation. 

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