Wide Strip Foundation

Make Foundation More Strengthened with Wide Strip Foundation

What is a wide strip foundation?

Most people don’t know about wide strip foundations because every one of us is familiar with simple foundations. But as the technology is getting advanced day by day the construction technology is also increasing and getting advanced.

Due to construction technology, new types of foundations are identified through which the simple foundation is strengthened. Not only has this but Concrete Strip Foundations also maximized the area through which the pressure distributes equally without putting much load on the actual foundation.

This increases the life span of the building as it lightens the burden of activities that occur in the building. We all know that foundation is designed to bear the pressure of those activities which are happening in the building.

So think of it if the foundation is not strong enough to carry out this load then the building can be collapse at any time. To avoid such a situation you must prefer a concrete strip foundation because it has a high capacity of bearing pressure.

Cost-effective technique

Constructing the concrete strip foundation is considered a cost-effective technique because it increases the building life span and saves the building from collateral damage. We know that a building requires a lot of money when it is first constructed and all the furniture inside the building is also expensive so you can’t take risk of any building damage.

This building damage might happen because of a weak foundation. The simple foundation is not strong enough for a high-rise building because it contains many floors and all the building materials used in it have their weight along with this the pressure generated by other activities occurring in the building and the dead loads are also generating pressure for the foundation of the building.

If the foundation is a concrete strip foundation then it will bear the load easily and save the building from damage which also saves your money from wasting. We know that as a building owner you have so much burden on your shoulder and you also need money to spend on other expenses that’s why we decided to provide our services in reasonable and affordable price as well.

Wide Strip Foundation

Wide Strip Foundation

How it is beneficial

As we all know the benefits of a simple foundation you must know how beneficial a Wide Strip Foundation can be. Because as the world is getting advanced new types of building material and building design comes in trend.

All of these buildings are designed in such a way that they can cater to several activities at once. So you must know that the load built up by these activities can be so huge that it can’t be handled by a simple foundation.

That’s where wide strip foundation pitches in because it is designed in such a way that it covers a large area horizontally which assists the wall of simple foundation to distribute the load without putting much burden on the foundation walls.

In other words, we can say that a concrete strip foundation fulfills the responsibility of foundation, and instead of a simple foundation, the wide strip foundation scattered the load at a wider area which minimizes the impact of it on the building which increases the period of building as well.

Suitable for every soil

We know that with changing world your thoughts regarding the designing and construction of the building are also changing. Many of you have a dream to construct the building at such a surface and area where no one try to construct the building before.

In the past, if you have such a kind of dream-like you want to build the building at the surface where the soil is soft and clay time it would consider almost impossible because no one has ever done it before. But now as we know that construction technology is also advancing they found new ways to construct the building at such kind of soils as well.

A wide strip foundation which is mainly called a concrete strip foundation is the invention that makes your dream possible as you can now construct any kind of building in those soils where the simple foundation can’t stand well.  So to achieve your dream adopt new methods and techniques as this is the only way possible toward a better and more modern lifestyle.