LBP Piso WiFi Admin Portal Not Opening? Here’s What to Do!

Users who chose to provide WiFi hotspots to various people tend to install LPB Piso WiFi in their houses or organizations. It allows the user to put money into his/her LPB Piso portal and use the WiFi connection for the entire day. However, for this, it is important to login to LPB Piso WiFi admin portal. But, not everyone is lucky enough to access the same. Just in case you are the unlucky one, this post can help you out. Mentioned in this post are the techniques that you should follow if the Piso WiFi administration portal is not opening for you. Read on.

Solutions: LPB Piso WiFi Admin Portal Not Opening

If the LPB Piso WiFi admin portal is not opening for you and preventing you from performing various operations related to the same network, it is suggested that you first of all check the network that you are connected to. This must be known to you that your WiFi client i.e. the mobile or PC that you are using for accessing the login portal must be connected to the LPB Piso WiFi network. Otherwise, you will keep facing issues. On the off-chance, the login page is not opening for you even if you are connected to the right network, it is suggested that you take the aid of these tips.

1. Disable the Mobile Data

Previously, we told you that you need to connect to the WiFi network of the LPB Piso if you are on the quest to access its admin portal. But, we did not tell you that you also need to disable the cellular data in case you are using a mobile phone to access the admin page. This is because when the cellular data is active on a mobile phone, the page being accessing automatically tries to fetch internet access from the faster network. Therefore, there are chances that the phone will try to drift toward the network of your mobile.

Note: You should ensure that your computer or laptop is connected to the WiFi network only. Using an Ethernet connection at the same time can create more trouble for you.

2. Update the Web Browser

This point is useful for both; users who have opt for a mobile phone as well as those who are attempting to access the login page of the Piso WiFi network. Know that the admin page of any networking device won’t show up for you if you are using an outdated web browser in the process. Thus, you are advised to get the web browser updated as soon as possible. The point needs to be followed no matter whether you are using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. The browser can be updated through its settings panel.

3. Use the Address Bar

Many stances have been observed where the user in a hurry tends to input the web or IP address of a networking device into the search bar of the web browser. For your information, search bar of the web browser is not meant to help you with web or IP address assessment. So, if you are using the search bar of the web browser to access the administration portal of your LPB Piso network, you are suggested to switch to the address bar. You might also know it by the name the URL bar or the location bar. It is located on the top of the web browser.

4. Use the Correct IP

There are chances that you are using the incorrect IP address to access the login page of your LPB Piso WiFi. Does the correct letter get delivered to the incorrect address? Of course not! The same is the case with the login page of networking devices. For your information, the default IP address to access the login page is Using any address other than this will redirect you to the page that you will not want to look for. Therefore, be very sure that you are using the correct IP to reach the login page.

The Final Thoughts

That’s all about what to do if the LBP Piso WiFi login page is not opening for you. We hope that you have successfully resolved the issue. Now, you can perform LPB Piso WiFi Pause Time Login and any other operation related to the Piso Network. Thanks for reading the post!