Kundalini yoga for spiritual awakening

Kundalini yoga has been described as being a profoundly spiritual practice that is deeply spiritual. Indeed, many believe that the Kundalini practice can result in spiritual awakening.

While spiritual awakening sounds like something that is really beneficial but it could also come with many unpleasant sensations (headaches nausea, headaches and I’m YUCK!).

The way yoga speaks about this experience of spirituality can be done through a Kundalini process, in which prana (life force energy) moves through the subtle body (aka your spinal column) until it is at the Sahasrara Chakra in the top of your head to awaken Kundalini.

Before you pursue your Kundalini feeling (like my experience) , spend some time learning about what is involved in the Kundalini awakening process. There are some things you need to know about awakening Kundalini in the beginning.

In the next post, I’ll offer strategies for using this ancient method to attain an inner spiritual awakening.

Don’t forget to buckle up. The time is now to begin a spiritual journey.

What is Kundalini Awakening?

Kundalini Awakening is an incredibly profound spiritual experience. In the world of yoga it’s spiritual enlightenment. It is something that dedicated yoga enthusiasts and practitioners invest long hours preparing for and striving towards.

What happens when we wake up the inactive Kundalini energy?

Consider this: Kundalini can be described as our spirit energy. The Kundalini practice makes use of the body’s muscles to transfer the spiritual energy throughout your central channel (along our spinal cord).

In essence, it’s awakening the divine feminine force energy, also known as”the Kundalini serpent that is wrapped and tucked away in the base of our spinal cord. The unraveling of your core. Your uniqueness. Your potential for creativity.

It’s the spirit of your soul. Your highest identity. The Kundalini energies are always within our body, it’s just not in a state of being. The time is now to think about this in a different manner.

Kundalini flows freely in a child and then our lives and perceived limitations are what stop it. It becomes stagnant and stuck. Kundalini awakening isn’t happening to you for the first time. When it occurs it’s like returning to your home, your birthright and your true life-force.


The energy will be awakened and flowing freely across our centerline or the sushmuna that central canal through which Kundalini rises. The energy coiled originates at the bottom of the spine, where the 3 nadis, the ida, the sushumna and pingala meet.

It then ascends to reach seven chakras (at the top of your scalp) at which point it connects with the masculine force of God (consciousness).

The divine feminine energy symbolizes the creation process Our divine masculine energy is a higher consciousness.

This meeting is followed by an increase in awareness and a wider consciousness. In the seventh chakra there is a spiritual awakening that could occur.

Is Kundalini awakening rare?

Kundalini awakening is quite common in the spiritual realm. In general it’s not common. It’s a complete transformation that opens your body, mind, and soul to a new dimension.

The thing is, you have none of the control on when and when Kundalini will wake up. (Hello spontaneous awakening) For some, the point of awakening could take years to attain, and there’s something to be gained from that since it is all in the way of. All things happen according to the divine plan it is supposed to.

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Some of the things that cause awakening include:

1. Meditation

Meditation generally is an excellent practice that can be used to prepare for awakening the Kundalini.

In particular, the practice of extended meditation in a brief period, like in the setting of a retreat, could cause awakening to take place.

2. Yoga Asana

The two Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in India can awaken the body by opening and clearing energy centers by specific postures that align with chakras..

Other religious practices such as Qi-gong could trigger as well.

3. Breathwork

The practice of breathing and specific pranayama practices could awaken you as you allow your life force upwards and down the energy line inside.

4. Prayer

The majority of awakening comes from intent.

Thus, intense prayer and a deep connection with God can awaken the soul.

5. Energy Healing

Chakra practice, Reiki, hypnosis, trauma therapy, and more could be a major catalyst for awakening Kundalini while you work with determination to remove blockages from the subtle body and create an opening to let Kundalini power to flow.

6. Physical Trauma

Awakening is triggered by the healing process of injuries and physical traumas particularly on the lower back and the spine region, as this is the place where she lies.

7. Emotional Trauma and Depression or Grief

Losing someone you love dearly regardless of whether it is due to death, divorce or even physical separation could be a significant trigger to awaken and suffering from depression or experiencing a lot of sorrow.

8. Near-Death Experience

Kundalini energy is a vital force that is a part of your sublet organs. At times, Kundalini energy will awaken in an effort to maintain life during a near death experience.

9. Love

The love you feel for someone else could trigger awakening, opening the Anahata chakra of the heart’s center.

10. Childbirth

Birthing a baby could result in Kundalini awakening as the birth of a new life moves through The Muladhara chakra.