Kali Linux Course: Things You Should Know About Kali Linux

Kali Linux was earlier known as Backtrack Linux, and it is generally used for ethical hacking. So to learn how to perform ethical hacking, one needs to pursue and complete a Kali Linux course. In this article, we will discuss everything related to Kali Linux and how essential it is for ethical hacking. Read the entire article to dig deep into your knowledge about Kali Linux.

What is Kali Linux?

Kali Linux is a specially designed operating software that serves the interest of all pen testers and network analysts. There are plenty of pre-existing tools that come with Kali Linux, and it becomes greatly beneficial for all the existing ethical hackers.

How was Kali Linux developed, And How Did it Come into Existence?

The two primary developers of Kali Linux are – Deavon Kearns and Mati Aharoni. Kali Linux comes from the Linux distribution, previously known as Backtrack Linux. Earlier, people used backtrack Linux to run penetration tests, just like Kali Linux. However, Kali Linux is prepared with distinct modifications, i.e., by instilling Debian standard codes from the repositories of Debian.

A very tiny group of developers developed Kali Linux in early March 2012. When under the stage of development, only a very few developers were allowed to contribute to this too in a covert manner. Soon in 2013, Kali Linux was released in the market for ethical hacking. Nevertheless, it has undergone various updates after its release, manipulated by Offensive Security.

What is The Use of Kali Linux?

To serve the purpose of security auditing and penetration testing, Kali Linux is used significantly. Kali Linux comes with a wide range of pre-existing tools that helps to perform certain programs and security tasks like – Security Research, Reverse Engineering, Computer Forensics, Penetration Testing, etc.

Why is it Essential for Hackers to Use Kali Linux?

As Kali Linux comes with various pre-existing tools for testing purposes, it becomes easy for hackers to perform ethical hacking. So Kali Linux is essential for hackers since it serves their performance purpose.

Is Kali Linux Termed to Be Illegal?

Since Kali Linux is an operating system, it cannot be fully termed illegal content. Some believe that since Kali Linux is used for ethical hacking, it is illegal. However, it is legal for those who use it for teaching, learning, securing software and networks, etc. Kali Linux is licensed software, and it can be extensively used and downloaded for any useful purposes and not sinful ones.

To Conclude

Before associating yourself with Kali Linux, you need to learn what the software has to provide you with. You can look for online courses or register yourself with the leading institutions that will provide you with complete guidance on Kali Linux courses.