Is YouTube a Social Media Platform

YouTube is known to be the number video content marketing platform. Top musicians and celebrities have used it to gain global communities. The thing is, consumers tend to be so many compared to members because there are very few video creators. People go as far as buying YouTube Subscribers to ensure they command a large number of followers. Is YouTube a social media channel? Here is a complete discussion so that you understand whether YouTube is a social media channel or not.

All Actions on Other Social Media Channels Are Available 

YouTube has the option for you to like, comment, or share all the content you watch. This is the common way in most other social media platforms. Viewers can use emojis to express their feelings about the content and videos posted. This way, people feel like they are on a normal social media platform. You can even copy video links and share them on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter so that you get more exposure and followers. YouTube, therefore, stands as a social media channel on its own.

Subscribers Are Important Just Like Followers 

For your account to thrive on YouTube, you need to have a lot of subscribers, followers, and fans. This means when you release a video, these subscribers get a notification and they can view and react. As a YouTube channel holder, you need to work very hard to ensure you gain followers within the very first few months for you to grow quickly. People even buy YouTube subscribers to ensure they stand a high chance to make it on the YouTube Platform. 

There is a Need to Have an Excellent Content 

On all social media handles, you need proper content for you to capture people’s attention. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram require outstanding content for one to have many followers. For that reason, you need videos created professionally with clear graphics and audio effects for people to enjoy. Take your time and make sure you create outstanding creative videos that will enrich people and make them come for more. with poor content, you stand a high chance of failing to make it on YouTube. Market your videos so that you enhance your outreach so that more people know you. 

Number of Users Grow Day in and Day Out 

As of now, there are more than 2.6 billion YouTube visits every day a clear indication that people across the globe are recognizing how important it is. Just like Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, YouTube is also growing its number of followers making it sound like a social media platform. 


YouTube shares most of its traits with 90 percent of social media channels. This means it can be considered a social media handle only that people have to post video content. You need followers, followers need to comment and like your videos. The key thing is to make sure you have subscribers who will always be seeing your content first before it reaches others. Market your videos and let people share your content for more reach. 

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