Ireland Visa for Indians

If you are wondering do Indians need a visa for INDIAN VISA FOR IRELAND CITIZENS, then Byevisa is here to help you! Our comprehensive information will put you on the right path and answer all your questions before you set off on your travels to the Republic of Ireland (ROI).

Getting an Ireland visa for Indians is a straightforward process that is completed via the Irish immigration website. However, it is important to apply at least 3 months before you travel so that you get your travel authorisation in time for your trip.

If you are keen to experience this country’s picturesque beauty and try a local Guinness, then you are in the right place to get the ball rolling. Read our guide to find out more about the process for Indians travelling to Ireland to ensure all your questions are fully answered.

Getting An Ireland Tourist Visa for Indians

When it comes to getting the right travel documents, you will find there is not an Ireland e-visa for Indians, nor is there an Ireland Visa on Arrival for Indians. The reason for this is that you have to apply directly through the Irish immigration service.

You need to head over to the immigration website and choose which authorisation suits your travel purpose the best. When it comes to the tourist certification, you are able to apply for a 90-day entry visa that will allow you to enjoy your time in the country.

The Visa Process for Indians Travelling to Ireland

To obtain a visa for the ROI, you need to follow this process:

1. Enter the online application and select either a short-stay Single-Entry tourist visa or the Multiple-Entry option.
2. Provide your personal details, which include:

  • Your name and address.
  • Date of birth and place of birth.
  • Your full name, including middle names.
  • Your nationality and current place of residence.
  • The dates of your trip.
  • Your passport number, date of issue & expiry.
  • Your host or sponsor’s details (if you have one).
  • Your itinerary.
  • Any criminal convictions or pending charges against you if applicable.

3. Once you have submitted your INDIAN VISA REJECTED online, you must send a copy of your application to the Irish immigration service along with your passport, payment, 2 colour passport photos and any supporting documents requested.

It’s important that any Indians travelling to the ROI remember that this process takes at least 3 months to complete, so you need to apply for your documentation well in advance of your trip.

Ireland Visa Requirements for Indians

When it comes to getting access to this country as a tourist, you need to follow the guidelines listed below:

  • On arrival, you will need to produce your visa, passport and itinerary for an official to check. This is so they can make sure your visit is for the purpose of tourism.
  • You must ensure you get a landing stamp in your passport as this proves you have successfully gone through immigration.
  • If you have anyone under 18 with you, they need to have their travel documentation and, if you are not their parent or legal guardian, a letter of consent from their parent to travel. This letter must be accompanied by photocopies of each parent or legal guardian’s passport or national identity card.

It is important to note that Multiple-Entry visas are only approved in very limited circumstances. The Single-Entry visa is the typical choice for tourists.

Ireland Visa Fees for Indians

Want to know how much it costs for an Ireland visa for Indians? You can expect to pay 60 euros (67.75 USD) for a 90-day Single-Entry tourist visa or 100 euros (113 USD) for a 90-day Multiple-Entry visa. However, if you are the spouse or child of an Irish citizen, then the Ireland visa cost for Indians is waived if you can prove this to immigration on your arrival by producing a birth or marriage certificate.

What is Travelling to the ROI Like?

So many people love to travel to the Emerald Isle and who can blame them! On average, over 38000 Indian nationals visit the country each year. When you arrive, you will be impressed by the friendly nature of the locals and the family feel you get whenever you visit a tourist hot spot.

Tourism is very important to the Irish economy and brings in over 9 billion euros each year. This income is so valuable to the country that the government has a robust tourism policy in place, which helps all visitors enjoy their stay.

Most international travellers tend to fly to Ireland. There are 4 international airports in the ROI for you to choose from so that you can touchdown near the location you will be staying at. The airports are Dublin Airport, Cork Airport, Shannon Airport and Knock Airport.

If you want to visit Northern Ireland, you need to apply for a UK travel authorisation for Indians as this section of the country forms part of the wider United Kingdom.

Indian Embassy and Consulate in Ireland

If you need to visit the India Consulate in Ireland, you can find it in Dublin. The address is 69 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin-4, Co Dublin and it is open from 9 am – 5:30 pm, Monday – Friday.

Common Visa Questions When Travelling to the ROI

We know that arranging travel can be stressful and confusing if you don’t know where to turn. We have collated the most commonly asked questions to help Indians travelling to Ireland to plan a Gaelic adventure.

Interesting Facts About Ireland

When it comes to travel, a flight from India to the Emerald Isle can take between 14 and 21 hours, depending on the stops you make along the way. This means that you will be in the air for a significant time and can use it to read your guidebook and relax before arrival.

Did you know that Ireland is called Eire in Gaelic? It’s a good idea to bear this in mind when researching this country so that you don’t miss any important information.

How High Are Irish Crime Rates?

If you are wondering is Ireland safe for Indians, you’ll be pleased to know that it is a very safe place for tourists. As with most countries, the crime rate is higher in cities, and it’s wise to be sensible with your belongings and keep your money and travel documents safely stored when you are out and about.

How Many Indians Visit the ROI?

The number of Indians travelling to Ireland increases each year with the current average being over  38000 Indian tourists every year. This is not surprising when you consider that there are over 25000 Indians living in the ROI and this number is expected to grow.

Do I Need A Transit Visa for ROI?

Indians travelling through the country in transit are not expected to apply for a visa as long as they do not leave the airport or seaport between connections. If you are planning to enter the country, even for a few hours, then you will need to get the right travel certifications in place before you travel.

Find Out More About Travel to Ireland

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