Instagram Is Testing Subscription for Creators

Instagram is officially testing Instagram Subscriptions. It is launching a new feature called Instagram Subscriptions, allowing users to charge fans for exclusive content.

So far, the feature is being tested among a small group of creators. Instagram already offers a suite of tools for creators who want to monetize their accounts, including the ability to put ads in their stories and sell merchandise via shoppable posts.

What’s The Deal 

Instagram has been working on this for some time; it is aware that creators want another way to monetize their followings. So, it is testing a Subscription feature for select users that will allow them to charge monthly fees for exclusive content or early access to posts.

Only 10 US creators are in the feature’s early test group. So, we can’t say how many more will be added as testing continues, but we know that features like these move slowly at first; give it some time.

Creators looking to get involved, keep reading to find out more information. To launch a subscription, you’ll have to link your Facebook Page or Instagram profile with an external payment account (like PayPal or Stripe), then set how much you want to charge per month, as well as how many months your subscribers are charged upfront (one, three or six).

How Does It Work

The social media service is testing a “Subscription” option with a small number of creators, which would allow them to post content directly into users’ feeds, according to a person familiar with the matter. The meal would appear on top of the regular Instagram feed and include sponsored content from select creators.

But subscriptions will offer more freedom to build a business on the platform without relying on ads. Now, this isn’t some super-secret beta that only a handful of users can access; anyone can sign up for Instagram Subscriptions and start building their own paid content service.

Where Is It Available 

The feature will be available in the US and Thailand, and Instagram says it plans to expand it “over the coming months” to more creators and countries. But that test could change based on feedback from creators and other users of this feature. 

The subscription service would be available on iOS and Android. However, Engadget reports that iOS users may be subject to Apple’s 30 percent fee because Instagram tests the app on Apple’s platform. Instagram has been critical of Apple’s app-store policies in the past, including its decision to add a subscription fee of 15 percent to the cut it takes from items sold through the App Store.

The Revenue Stream 

Instagram Will split the revenue with creators. The social media company is also running a test where these accounts will charge users monthly subscriptions and split the revenue with creators.

The subscription option will appear below an account’s posts, allowing users to subscribe for $5 per month. The money will go right into the pocket of the person posting—not Instagram itself. The company didn’t say whether it plans to take a percentage of revenue from subscriptions or offer the creators some other type of compensation.

Why Should You Be Interested 

Subscriptions could be a massive boost for both creators and Instagram itself, which has seen its user base plateau in recent quarters as it struggles to attract new users from outside its core base of young people and early adopters. In addition, subscriptions come with enormous data benefits: If more people are paying for accounts on Instagram, it provides valuable insight that can eventually be used to make content even more engaging and relevant to the users. 

Instagram is reportedly targeting influencers who already have large followings on the platform to secure paying subscribers. The tool is currently being tested with select users, though it expands over time. Ultimately, Instagram hopes the new service will help it compete with video-sharing competitor YouTube.

Hopes Are High

In conclusion, creators and influencers on Instagram put in much hard work to keep audiences engaged; this could serve as an excellent opportunity for them to earn some bucks off it. And as a young content creator navigating their way through the digital landscape, having a solid internet connection can give you the competitive edge you might be seeking. We recommend Windstream Kinetic for the best internet, cable, and phone deals.