How to Package Products Perfectly for Shipping

Packaging your products to ship is one of the most crucial tasks in the entire supply chain. A poorly packaged product will not only make headlines and cost your custom box company tons of money, but it also might damage your product as it makes its journey across different locations.

Throughout this article, I’ll discuss how to package products for shipping so they arrive in perfect condition. And share specific tips on what you should remember when packing products to ship, along with some mistakes that may cost you a lot of money.

Here’s an overview of some helpful things to consider when packaging your products for shipping:

Use padding material: 

Padding material like bubble wrap, foam, or peanuts is vital when shipping products. Without it, even the slightest bump in transit can result in a damaged item. The padding material acts like airbags for your product and helps reduce damage during transit. Always ensure that you have enough padding material so that no matter what happens during shipment, your items arrive safely at their destination. Be sure to check out our blog post on bubble wrap padding and its benefits.

Keep the product intact: 

You don’t want your products to be damaged or broken during shipment because they did not receive proper packaging. Take care of the packaging around your products by wrapping the box with tape. And keeping your product safe inside, and also wrapping it with padding material as described above.

Closeable boxes:

The most important thing to remember is that closed boxes are better than open ones. Ensure that you seal your custom shipping boxes wholesale with tape and that the containers have strong tape. If the boxes don’t secure well, they can open up in transit, and your products can end up spreading across a wide area. Ensure that you keep your products as secure as possible by taking these steps to close the custom cardboard box company packaging properly.

Use plastic sleeves: 

The plastic sleeves that you typically use for electronics are great to ship your products in because they will keep them protected against any type of shock or damage during transit. They will prevent any cracks from forming on laptops while being shipped. And also protect the device from getting scuffed up from rough handling during shipment.

Avoid stuffing: 

Stuffed boxes are well-known to be the worst option if you want to ship your products. Hence, this is because stuffed products are bound to get damaged either during transit or storage. If you have to go for this option, ensure that you use only as much stuff as possible and make sure that the products are well protected.

Packing crates:

Crates work well for shipping if your products need secure transport and need to travel across long distances. In order to prevent damage during transportation and storage, make sure that the crate is properly formed and that the custom packaging boxes with logo around it is adequate. The heavier the payload of your carrier, the more expensive it is for you as a shipper. Always ensure that you use lighter packaging material and avoid heavy items like soda cans.

You may use blocks to: 

If you are shipping product samples, books, or other things that have constant weight, consider packing them in a block instead of a box. This will help minimize the weight of your shipment and make it more profitable for you.

Consider the quantity and size of your package: 

If you are shipping a single large product or a bunch of small items, consider an express service to ensure that they reach their destination quickly. The larger the package, the more complicated it is to handle and store. When shipping small amounts of samples, sea freight might be more cost-effective and easier than air freight.

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Always pack your product well: 

Even if your product is small and lightweight, it needs a good packing job for it to reach its destination in perfect condition. If you are shipping laptop batteries, make sure that the battery comes in a plastic bag or cardboard box. Ensure that you tape down the packaging or seal it with packing tape. In the same way, you should follow the same rules when you ship other electronic devices, such as cell phones, tablets, etc.

When you ship items, make sure that your large custom shipping boxes are fully sealed and closed so nothing can spill out from them. If you are shipping food products or things like cake mixes, ensure that they contain no air and there is no leakage during transit. Even though you can vacuum seal boxes to prevent leakage of food products, it’s not practical to do this for all packages.

Be careful when handling boxes: 

If you are shipping your product, you should handle it carefully to prevent it from getting damaged or leaking during transit. If you do have a large shipment that needs protection, think about using large boxes rather than smaller ones. This is because the larger the box, the better it is for shipping.