How to Choose the Best Surgeon for the Endermologie Buccal Fat Removal?

Your lower cheeks will be slimmed down by surgery to make the middle of your face look more symmetrical and make your cheekbones stand out more. Known as buccal liposuction, cheek reduction surgery, or face thinning surgery, this minimally invasive surgery can help adults who still have around, “baby face” look.

This fat pad is named after the Latin word buccal, which means “puffed cheek.” People sometimes call it the Bichat fat pad, so they may also call this surgery a bichatectomy.

The pros and cons of having your buccal fat removed are:


  • This procedure to remove fat from your cheeks can make your face look slimmer and your cheeks more defined.
  • The incisions for cheek reduction surgery are made inside your mouth.
  • Even if you gain weight, your results will stay the same.
  • If you have a lot of fat on your cheek, you can remove it with surgery in about 20 minutes.
  • There is little downtime. It usually takes three days for most people to go back to normal.
  • Many people had buccal fat removal surgery and said it was worth it, with many citing a slight improvement in facial contour and better definition.


  • You’ll have swelling for a few weeks before it goes away. After dental work, the users said they have “chipmunk cheeks.”
  • As you get older, your buccal fat pads will naturally shrink. It could make your cheekbones look too hollow as you get older. There isn’t a lot of information about how results change over time. Some surgeons don’t remove cheek fat from patients in their 20s and 30s because of this risk.
  • People who lose too much weight after having a facelift may have their faces look too thin as they get older.
  • If your doctor doesn’t get the right amount of fat out of each cheek, you may be left with asymmetry that needs to be fixed with a second procedure (at additional expense).

In addition to the usual risks of surgery, this procedure can be dangerous when done by someone who isn’t very well-trained. These include damage to your salivary ducts, bleeding, and (very rarely) facial-nerve damage that could cause facial muscle weakness. 

How much does it cost to get rid of buccal fat? 

Buccal fat removal costs can vary based on your surgeon’s credentials, level of experience, and where they live. The cost of combining cheek reduction surgery with other procedures will go up, especially if you also have a facial plastic surgery procedure that needs general anesthesia. Cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance.

Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon for Buccal Fat Removal:

Large, full cheeks aren’t always a sign that you’re fat. Even healthy people can have round cheeks if the buccal fat pads are bigger. If you’re tired of your baby’s face and want to look more sculpted, see him. Removing buccal fat is a relatively simple surgery with a short recovery time. Results last a long time.

The buccal fat pad is a place where you can put your fat removal:

The buccal fat pad is a group of fat in the lower cheek. It is the main reason your face looks round. Removing the fat pad can make some patients look better, giving them a more chiseled, sculpted look. Buccal fat removal isn’t right for everyone, but people who say they have round cheeks, “chipmunk cheeks,” or a babyface often benefit from it.

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What Makes a Buccal Fat Pad Get Bigger?

Everyone has fat pads on their cheeks, but they can be very different in size. Some people notice that their cheeks are full after they gain weight. Gaining weight can make your face look different because the fat pad can grow. Genetics is also a factor in how well you do. You can be healthy and still have a lot of fat on your cheeks. More bidet converter kit

A doctor who removes fat from the bottom of your mouth:

Choosing the right surgeon is very important for successfully removing buccal fat. The secret to getting good results is to cut back on the fat pad very slowly. Your facial fat levels will change as you get older. If you take a conservative approach now, you’ll have a look that looks good both now and in the future. Choose a doctor who knows a lot about facial anatomy and has done this kind of surgery before.


An untrained doctor might remove too much fat, making a face look hollow as we get older. Talk to your doctor about how they do things and ask how your results will change in the near and far future. Plastic surgery is based on caring for patients and paying attention to small things. The coworkers and peers of doctor are well-liked, and the works hard to show each patient’s natural and unique beauty.
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