How to Choose Cat Cages and Playpens

How to Choose Cat Cages and Playpens?

Kittens and cats are charming, adorable, and playful. With that said, they are also destructive, invasive, and annoying. However, cat cages and playpens would be the right choice for common problems those who have adopted them as part of their family.

Indoor cats can do quite a lot of damage to your positions. Sometimes, the cats can even endanger themselves by chewing on cords or getting trapped in household mechanical items. Along with this, outdoor cats are less harmful to your possessions. However, if you love them, their safety is always in the back of your mind.

Cat cages and playpens

Cats love the outdoors, as they love a house with an open floor. A cat cage provides the means to restrain and protect your darling fur companion gently. Keeping your pet in the best cage means you are making sure that you have located your elderly cat to administer medication or special food.

Restraining your cat is like the loving limits a parent might place on a well-coordinated two-year-old human who has teeth and an insatiable curiosity. Along with this, utility items for cat restraint range from a carrier of the sort used for transporting a cat to spacious indoor/outdoor sunroom porches. You can buy your cat cage from AIVITUVIN to get the solution to almost all problems.

Here are some essential things to consider before buying a cat cage.

  • The Cat’s Age

Kittens can easily fit in a smaller cage to accommodate an adult cat. Three-level kitten cages are best for the first ten weeks as they provide a protective barrier in the house and a way to separate sanitary facilities.

However, for the mother cat, a larger space is needed. Furthermore, kittens will outgrow a kitten cage. So, it’s an expensive investment unless you do rescues and breed for show or resale.

  • The Cat’s Expected Size

Adult cats can be of all kinds of sizes. The cats range from petite breeds such as the mini skin, on up through Siberians, munchkin, Ragamuffins or Main Coon cat breeds. Along with this, main Coon Cats continue to grow until they are five years old. The adults can also grow to be as large as twenty-five pounds.

  • Area Available for Placement of the Cage

There is a significant need to know that a large indoor cat cage needs rearranging the furniture, at the very least. If there is a small apartment, the space for an adult Maine Coon can take up as much as half a room. A small cat allows room for the cat to play and provides plenty of toys. You can also read more for a better understanding.

  • Is It Indoor or Outdoor?

Outdoor enclosures like a porch, sunroom or roofed patio are the best spaces for your cat. However, if your home doesn’t have such a place, a sturdy cat kennel, including its own house, can be the answer. Your cat will be happy with their indoor/outdoor if a door allows entry and exit from the people house.

Another essential thing to keep in mind for your cat’s safety is other animals can try to come into your cat’s space. If your cat has claws, it can also make quick work.

For these few reasons, there is a need for a small mesh, sturdy wire like that is used on rabbit hutches. You can also use a double layer of wire as an exterior layer of welded wire to keep out invaders. Use a layer of smaller mesh on the inside to keep your cat from escaping.