How to be a Productive Weed Smoker

Contrary to popular belief, cannabis can boost your productivity in different ways. You can become a productive weed smoker with an improved level of accomplishment if you smoke right. Unfortunately, anti-weed propaganda has created stereotype weed smokers that are lazy, unmotivated, and couch-locked. 

However, this is always not the case. The truth is that most strains of cannabis will not affect your productivity negatively. In most cases, they help you stay on top of your game and accomplish many tasks. 

The question, however, is how high do you need to get to remain productive? In this post, we will look at everything you need to know about getting high and remaining a productive weed smoker in your daily activities. Let us get right into the details.

How can I be a Productive Weed Smoker?

  1. Choose the correct strain
  2. Understand your level of Tolerance
  3. Use extracts during work hours
  4. Keep your pot away from heat and sunlight
  5. Try vaping
  6. Follow a good diet
  7. Avoid Making Excuses

Choose the Correct Strain

If you want to maintain your productivity while smoking, it is critical to choose your strain wisely. The two main strain categories in the market are Indica and Sativa but they are sometimes combined. You will be amazed at the volume of hybrid variations available and you can find the perfect strain for every occasion. 

If you need to feel high and energetic, Sativa-dominant strains would be a great choice to retain your creativity and focus. If your goal is to relieve stress, ease pain, or sleep better, Indica-dominant strains are a better option. 

For this category, you should avoid taking the strains during the day. Keep them until you are done with your tasks or want to unwind and relax. You can also consider choosing Sativa with a higher quantity of CBD for daytime consumption to keep active and energetic all through the day.


Understand your Level of Tolerance

The first thing to know is that everyone has a different threshold when it comes to smoking weed. You cannot base your tolerance on the consumption of your friends. You have to determine yours. It is also important to understand the potency of your weed. It is also easy to indulge and smoke yourself into a coma. 

If you are very good at this, it becomes impossible to remain a productive weed smoker. If you notice that you indulge regularly, it may be a good idea to see a specialist as it might be a sign of addiction. 

To avoid getting yourself into a weed coma, take the time to experiment with different dosages to get what works best for you. It is highly recommended that you start small. You may want to reduce your weed consumption during the day and instead settle for intense smoking at night. 

THC takes about one hour to attain maximum concentration in your blood. Therefore, do not rush over your hits and take them back to back as this will lead to a high collection of THC and the effects can be very severe.

Use Extracts during Work Hours

Different kinds of extracts offer uplifting effects. However, live resin is believed to be more effective than others. You must ensure that your extract of choice has the right terpenes before you buy it. 

When you choose extracts during the day, your chances of getting overboard are slim and you can maintain your productivity all through the day. There is no better way of being a productive weed smoker than choosing your product carefully and understanding how each product affects you during different times of the day.

Keep your Weed away from Heat and Sunlight

There is something heat and sunlight do to your pot that can get you on the wrong footing. When you store your weed wrongly, the THC content of the product can degrade to cannabinol or CBN. 

Now, this is not good in any way if you want to stay focused throughout the day and remain a productive weed smoker. It is recommended that you store your weed away from sunlight or heat. Instead, store them in a dark, cool place, preferably in an airtight container.

Try Vaping

It has been proven that vaping cannabis produces cleaner high with minimized sedative impacts. Vaporizers use minimal heat to evaporate cannabinoids and terpenes but not high enough to burn them, unlike actual smoking of weed. 

Many experts have reported that vaping is the healthiest way to take herbs, including weed. So, instead of lighting your bong or pipe during the day, consider vaping to limit the intake of harmful toxins and prevent drowsiness associated with smoking.

Follow a good Diet

Maintaining a balanced diet is crucial to your wellbeing if you consume weed daily. You should also consider throwing a good mix of regular exercise in your daily routine. Cannabis can make you feel exhausted and drained. 

However, when you regularly exercise, you can increase the pace of your metabolism while keeping active and alert. It is a good idea to start yoga, hit the gym, or go on a bike ride to put you in the right frame of mind to pursue and achieve your daily goals.

Avoid Making Excuses

Forget about the stereotype profiling of all weed smokers. You can be a productive weed smoker if you choose to. Do not indulge in giving excuses of being high for your lack of productivity. 

For a start, taking marijuana is only a choice, except you are taking it for medicinal purposes. Weed is designed to improve your well-being and lifestyle and not destroy it. It is possible to consume it regularly and remain productive enough to achieve your set goals.

Being a productive weed smoker is possible. This post looks at tips to help you become one. Choose the right strain of weed, know your tolerance level, and use extracts instead of smoking during the day. 

Try vaping instead of smoking from a bong, keep your pot far away from heat and sunlight, follow a good diet and exercise regularly, and do not make excuses. With these, you can remain a productive weed smoker.