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How do I Make My Netgear EX6120 Extender Secure?

In today’s modern era, the internet has become an essential need for every user across the globe. That’s why lots of users prefer having a Netgear EX6120 extender to get a fast internet connection in every nook and cranny of their houses. Performing Netgear EX6120 extender setup will not only provide you with a faster internet speed but also cover all the dead zones in your home. In simple words, you will have no issue while accessing the internet with the Netgear EX6120 WiFi range extender, no matter in which room you sit.

But, to make the most of your Netgear EX6120 extender, you have to secure it. Wondering how to do so? Not anymore! We’ve got you covered! Here, in this article, we have mentioned some of the best tips that can help you secure your Netgear EX6120 extender from potential threats. Let’s hit the nail on the head!

Change the Default EX6120 Password

Nearly 99% of the Netgear EX6120 extender users don’t change their default password, resulting in poor performance and hacking of the device. So, to secure your EX6120 device from ongoing potential threats, it is important to change its default password right after configuring it. Navigate to the setup page and know how to change the password of your Netgear WiFi range extender.

Keep the EX6120 Extender’s Firmware Up-to-date

Yes, you read it right! Updating Netgear EX6120 extender’s firmware on a regular basis helps in improving its performance up to 30%, fixing bugs, enhancing security, and a lot more. So, in order to make your Netgear WiFi range extender up and running smoothly, check for the firmware updates regularly. For this, Simply navigate to Netgear’s official site or visit the setup page. And if you found any updates available for your Netgear EX6120 extender, update it by following the on-screen prompts.

Create a Separate Network for Guests

The guests or relatives who often visit you might be asking for your extender’s WiFi password. And you can’t deny sharing it. Well, in such a case, we suggest you create a separate network for your guests and relatives. So, in order to secure your Netgear WiFi range extender, download the Netgear app and enable the “Guest Access” feature.

Change the Extender’s Default SSID

Another effective tip that can help you secure your Netgear EX6120 extender is to change its default WiFi network name. SSID is a WiFi name that appears on the list of available networks that are active within the range of your extender’s WiFi. Your Netgear EX6120 WiFi extender also comes with the default SSID that can be easily traced by anyone. So, in order to secure your Netgear EX6120 extender, it is suggested to change or hide your device’s SSID.

Once you’re done hiding the SSID of your Netgear EX6120 WiFi extender:

  • Open a PC or laptop. The device you are about to use must be up-to-date.
  • Access the Netgear Genie setup wizard using Are you getting mywifiext not working error? Need not to worry! Try to access the setup wizard of your range extender using

Are you able to locate the extender’s SSID after hiding it? No? Fab! You have successfully secured your range extender from intruders by hiding its SSID.

Disable the WPS Feature

The WPS feature on your range extender makes it very easy for anyone to connect their PCs, laptops, smartphones, iPhones, etc. with your Netgear EX6120 device in no time. To secure it, all you need to do is to disable the WPS feature right away. Wondering how to do so? Without much delay, drop your queries into the comments section.

Anticipating that the tips given in this article have helped you out to secure your Netgear EX6120 WiFi range extender from potential threats? Do share your feedback with your fellow readers. And, if you have more tips that can help others to secure their WiFi extenders, without hesitation – lay them all on us through comments.