Bakery Boxes

How Cardboard Bakery Boxes Are Best for Brand Recognition

Digital era customers prefer to shop at online stores. It’s easy, saves time and also becomes completely safe. In recent years, the e-commerce industry has grown and competition is fierce, with every brand struggling to attract new customers and delight existing ones. Product packaging for online bakery brands is very important. Since the company has only communicated virtually with customers so far, product boxes offer an opportunity to attract buyers and leave a lasting impression on the brand. For new online startups, the brand is based on the number of custom bakery boxes. This can create or destroy perceptions of the company. Second, if your packaging does not meet the standards, it will reduce the quality of the product. Long-distance shipping can affect the texture of goods, especially fragile ones. So, here are the basic do’s and don’ts of personalized packaging for online stores!

Do Make your Packaging Design Stand Out

If you want buyers to remember your business details and come back to learn more:

  • Pay attention to your product packaging design.
  • Choose artwork that defines your business and your product range.
  • Use catchy taglines to promote your brand.

Design inspiration can come from brands that have used the coolest custom bakery packaging boxes templates to sell and market their products. Be careful not to copy other people’s ideas or designs, be original even if it’s just a simple box design, but explicitly complement your product well, do it. After discussing your needs and preferences, ask your printer to offer custom design options. Print out a few samples and see which one looks the best. You can also make changes to the font, image, or colour scheme.

Don’t go for Low-Quality Printing Material

When looking for wholesale printing solutions, you will find very affordable options. Many printing companies will use poor quality cardboard for packaging. Your product must be shipped to the customer, so your custom bakery box material must be durable.

Find a packaging service at a reasonable price, check the material options and choose one that supports your product and can be customized to your desired specifications. Craft supplies and cardboard are popular speciality box storage options; You can check the options and functions of both before making any settings. Cardboard is a better choice for durability, but crafting is easy, so weigh your options and consider who to choose.

Do Mention Product Details on Custom Boxes

Whether you’re selling bakery products, clothing, accessories, home accessories, or any other product, it’s important to provide your customers with the detailed information through packaging. Your customers are not in business to ask you questions. So put yourself in their shoes and think through all the possible questions and concerns.

Have instructions, attention tips and all other details printed on your custom packaging so users don’t have to contact you with questions. You should also instruct your sender to write a basic warning, such as: “If the seal is open, do not accept the shipment”. This ensures the safe delivery of your products to customers.

Don’t go Overboard with Marketing

Your custom macaron boxes are the most effective tool you can use to market your macaron products. However, be careful not to go overboard in your marketing efforts and not annoy customers in the end. Catalogues can be sent to your packing box to let buyers know about your upcoming collection.

Do not use additional marketing warranties with your custom packaging. Focus more on creating a convenient packaging experience and serving your products. If you have promised delivery within 3-5 working days, make sure the product is delivered within the specified timeframe. Make after-sales calls to ensure that the customer has received the order and is satisfied with your service.

Use your social media to collect feedback about your online store and get feedback about your product packaging so that it can be improved according to what your potential buyers want. Stay up to date with the latest e-commerce packaging to see what’s new and updated!

Cardboard is Recyclable

When most people think of eco-friendly bakery boxes, they usually think of recycled materials. Cardboard is relatively easy to recycle. Many corrugated cardboard base boxes in use today are primarily made of recycled paper and cardboard. Many industrialized countries have managed to achieve more than 90% for paper and cardboard packaging. Recycling not only saves space in landfills but also reduces the amount of energy required to make new boxes. It is important that local recycling of boxes also saves energy for transportation.

Cardboard is Reusable

Single-use packaging is unsustainable, slowly disappearing as manufacturers and consumers pay attention to it. For example, in many countries, there are no longer single-use plastic bags. On the other hand, when the paperboard is dry, it tends to be reused. Cardboard custom bakery boxes in particular are easy to reuse. They retain their structural strength over a longer time and can be kept flat to save space when not in use.