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How Does A Seller Prepare For a Home Inspection?

So, you have put your house up for sale in Phoenix AZ, someone likes it and wants to buy it. But hold on, don’t relax just now. You still have to pass the home inspection phase. A Phoenix AZ home inspection typically occurs before the final purchase of the house. Most home buyers base all their decisions upon the results of the home inspection. This means that a buyer can back out of the deal if he finds some serious defects and damages in the inspection report. As a seller, you would wish for the home inspection to go smoothly and reveal positive results.

Home inspection companies in Phoenix AZ during a typical home inspection check the condition of the property by examining all areas and every aspect of it including the roof, walls, rooms, attic, basement, kitchen, foundation, plumbing system, HVAC systems, and electrical system. A home inspector may also check the functionality of built-in appliances, lights, carbon monoxide detectors, fire alarms, garbage disposals, and much more.

If you have an upcoming home inspection and are getting anxious more and more as the day gets close, rest assured, you are not the only one. All sellers get nervous when they have to deal with the home inspection process. Today we will discuss everything that you can do to prepare for a home inspection.

1. Access

As a homeowner, you should make sure the home inspector has easy access to all areas of the house to conduct a thorough home inspection. If they can’t get to a location, they won’t be able to inspect it, which will be a red signal for potential purchasers. Unlock the doors and remove any obstructions to the inspector’s access to areas or systems that need to be examined, such as basements, attics, furnace rooms, and under sinks.

2. Clear the Premises

The inspector will assess the exterior of your home, including siding, trims, and caulking around windows and doors, in addition to the interior functioning of your home. Plants, garbage cans, and storage goods should all be removed from areas around your home so that they can have an unobstructed view.

3. Don’t Be Rude

The best thing that you can do to build trust with the potential buyers is by being polite to them and the home inspectors. A home inspector is a third party that is responsible for providing an unbiased report about your house. Don’t be rude to them. It will only make the buyers more conscious and suspicious of you.

4. Cleanliness

If you’ve already been through the process of selling your home, you’re probably quite good at keeping things neat and tidy at this point. After an accepted offer, resist the impulse to let things pile up and keep the house clean for the Phoenix AZ home inspection. The cleanliness of your home has no bearing on the inspection, but a filthy or messy home may lead the inspector to suspect that other sections of the property aren’t being properly cared for as well.

5. Fix Small Problems by Yourself

Your house may have small problems and defects that you can fix yourself. For example, you can replace bulbs, fix the toilets, take care of some cosmetic issues, and change the filters of your furnace. By doing these little things you will play a great role in keeping the number of issues minimum in the inspection report.

6. Turn on Pilot Lights

Your water heater’s pilot light is generally always on, but what about the pilot light in your gas fireplace? Because many homes keep their fireplaces off during the summer, it’s crucial to double-check that the pilot light, as well as the fireplace itself, is operational before the inspection. Now is the moment to light up your fireplace’s pilot light if it has been turned off.

7. Label the Fuse Box

Homeowners and home inspectors both can get frustrated by a complicated fuse box. Replace any labels that are incorrect or difficult to see. Double-check that each switch in the box is labeled clearly and appropriately.

8. Keep Your Pets & Kids Away

Pets and kids can make the Phoenix AZ home inspection process very hard for home inspectors. They get in the way of things and may even get injured accidentally. If you have a home inspection coming up soon, consider dropping the kids at nearby daycare centers. Nowadays, there are pet daycare centers too where a professional will take care of your pet while your house is being inspected by the home inspectors.

9.  Be Present

Do not avoid attending the home inspection. Be present so that you know what is going on and can assist the home inspectors where possible. You can also ask the home inspectors various questions while you are there.

10. Provide Information

Home inspectors sometimes ask homeowners multiple questions to gain more information about the house. For example, during a mold inspection, a home inspector might ask you about any water damages or leaks in the past.

Once you have done everything, take a deep breath. Most customers aren’t looking for perfection; all they want to know is that there aren’t any major stumbling blocks in their way. If there are no serious structural and functional damages, you should relax. Most likely, the inspection report will only contain a few minor issues that can easily be negotiated with the buyers. Many Homes inspection companies in Phoenix AZ now offer their home inspection services. National Property Inspections is one of them. Their home inspections services are the best and quite affordable in Phoenix. Their inspectors are quite polite and make sure you stay free of stress and anxiety during the home inspection process.