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Are Termites That Dangerous? 

According to a Western Wood Products Association survey, almost 90% of houses in the USA are built with wood. Even though brick houses are more robust, wood is still the most commonly used construction material. A home with a wooden foundation is prone to many issues such as mold formation, cracks, termites, and pest infestation. Out of all these issues, termite infestation is considered the most dangerous.  

What makes termites so dangerous for homes is their eating habits. Your home might be a place for you to relax and rest for a while, but it is their food to termites. Termites are tiny insects that survive by eating wood. They live in large colonies and multiply over time. In the United States, termites cause structural damage that costs up to billions of dollars every year. These insects are found in every state (except Alaska). Unfortunately, Atlanta is one of the states that suffer from the same fate. 

Termite Inspection Atlanta GA

A termite inspection checks the existence of termites inside or around your house. It is something that you cannot do yourself. If you think your house has termites, you should call a professional termite/home inspector to see if it is true or not. Termite inspectors also look for any traces of fungi and other harmful pest infestations. An inspector will start his investigation from the ground and then move to the first floor. An inspector will also enter the attic (if there is one) to examine the roof’s structure. It usually takes an hour for the termite inspection to be completed but may vary with the home’s size. Finally, a professional termite inspector will examine areas such as crawl spaces and basements to check the presence of Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO).  

Do Home Inspection Companies in Atlanta perform termite inspections? 

Yes. In Atlanta, most home inspection companies offer termite inspections, such as Champia. Such companies have experienced and well-trained home inspectors who can identify harmful insects and organisms like carpenter ants, termites, fungi, and borer bees. 

Causes of Termites

Termite infestations can spring up due to multiple reasons around your home. Some of them are;

1. Moisture

The most common reason for a termite infestation is ‘Moisture’. Termite infestations occur in places where there is moisture and mildew. Hence, laundry rooms, damp basements, and bathrooms are more prone to termite infestations. In addition, issues like broken pipes, leakage, clogged gutters, and improper drainage system can create an ideal termite environment. 

2. Wood

Where there is wood, there are termites. Termites eat wood, and it is their primary source of survival. Therefore, it is wise to have your house inspected at least once a year; if the inspector informs you of signs of termite, you can address the issue in its earlier stages and prevent costly damage.

3. Foliage

Uncovered timber, foliage, or plants around your house can trigger pest infestation. These contain cellulose, which attracts termites and invites them to your house. Hence, you should keep greenery and wood at least 28 inches away from your home. This way, you will make it difficult for termites and other pests to reach your home’s foundation from where they make their way up. 

4. Air

Stagnant damp air can turn your house into a perfect breeding ground for pests. Keeping the air dry and circulating inside the house can prevent pest infestations. Electric fans are the best solution to such problems. They keep the air dry, ventilated and help you get rid of moisture. You can ensure proper ventilation to avoid water for areas such as bathrooms, attic, and swimming pools. 

Signs of Termite Infestation

Some signs can indicate the presence of termites. 

  • Termites often create mud tubes along the walls, flooring, and foundation of a house. These mud tubes help them travel from one place to another. 
  • Termites discard their wings after establishing a new colony. Discarded wings are a warning sign that you have termites present in your home.
  • Termite waste may seem like coffee grounds or sawdust. However, it is usually present around the baseboards, window frames, and door frames. 
  • Sagging or bulging floors, beams, and other wooden surfaces around your home can all be signs of termite presence. It usually happens at the last stage when the foundation becomes weak and is no longer structurally sound. 
  • Water or moisture stains may signal more severe damage and the presence of termites. 

The Cost of Termite Inspection Atlanta GA

A typical termite inspection can cost from $70 to $200 depending on the location, type of foundation, and house size. Home inspection companies that offer termite inspection as an additional service may add the cost to the total charges of home inspection. 

Is it wise to purchase a home with termite activity or damage? 

Yes. If the damage isn’t severe and the termite infestation is only at its first stage, you can buy the house. Termite professionals can repair the damage and treat termite colonies. Termite treatments usually last about five years. If a home has termites, you can renegotiate the terms with the seller and subtract the cost of treatment from the total cost of the house. This way, you will save money and get the house back to its original state before the termites. 

Termites are dangerous, but they are not untreatable. Moreover, there are multiple ways to save your house from them. If you live in Atlanta, and suspect termites in your house, professional Termite Inspection in Atlanta services are offered by reputable companies such as Champia. Their home inspection services serve most of the areas in Atlanta. They also provide advanced services like radon inspection along with their standard inspections. Reach out to one of their friendly representatives and get your worries addressed immediately. Click here.