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Guide to Choose Perfect Sunscreen to Beat winter sun

Sunscreen is a non-negotiable part of the skincare regimen during summer. Although during winter, many of us make the application of sunscreen optional. But this is obviously a wrong approach. Sunscreen should be applied irrespective. This article will inform you everything you need to know about sunscreen and how important it is to include it in your everyday skincare.

Why should You Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen functions differently from other skincare products. Sunscreen lotions and creams specifically aim at protecting your skin from the harmful elements present in sun rays. This is why sunscreens contain SPF, which is meant to safeguard your facial skin from the blazing heat. There are certain sun protection lotion which is known as Acne UV gel sunscreen.

What is SPF?

You must have seen the letters SPF scribbled on the sunscreen containers. There is also a number mentioned beside it. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. SPF is responsible for saving your skin from UVB rays which have the power to cause sunburn and skin cancer. There are also UVA and UVC rays that affect the skin just as harmfully. The sunscreen also protects you from that.

What kinds of Sunscreen are there?

There are two types of sunscreens for face: chemical sunscreen and mineral sunscreen. Chemical sunscreen creams have avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene and homosalate. On the other hand, mineral sunscreens contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Both sunscreen work in an almost similar manner. If you have more sensitive skin, then we suggest going for mineral-based Sunscreen. But they tend to leave a white layer of residue over your skin.

What Type of Sunscreen do You Need?

Your requirement depends completely on how much time you spend indoors and how much outdoors. If you must spend most of the time out in the sun, then you should select a sunscreen with SPF 50. On the contrary, if most of your duties are performed inside, then sunscreens with SPF 30 will suffice.

When should you use sunscreens?

According to skin experts, sunscreen should be applied to the skin every two hours. Since many of us do not get the chance to do it that often, we end up using sunscreens with high SPF for their long-lasting effect.

There is no fixed time for applying sunscreen. But you must put it on your skin at least an hour before you step out in the sun, and we recommend using a high-SPF sunscreen.

You can directly apply sunscreen on your skin on your clean skin. There are many who prefer to use sunscreen after makeup, as it is the ultimate protector of the skin. But you can wear it before make-up as well.

The truth about make-up items with SPF

These days you will find a lot of make-up items that claim they have SPF in them. Does that mean you can wear make-up with SPF instead of Sunscreen? The brief answer is NO. SPF make-ups do not replace sunscreen just because it has SPF in it. Secondly, to activate the SPF level in your skin, you have to wear a really heavy amount of makeup.

So, wearing make-up with SPF in it cannot take place for a high SPF sunscreen.

A Guide to Choosing your Sunscreen

Choosing sunscreen is an important task. The factors that matter in selecting the perfect sunscreen should depend on your skin type, SPF and its resistance power.

Skin type

Your skin type is crucial in deciding what sort of sunscreen you need.

Dry skin

If you have dry skin, hydration and moisturisation should be your priority. Hence you should pick a sunscreen that is cream based, which can provide you with intense hydration.

Oily skin

Oily skin constantly secretes sebum and keeps in the skin the permanent oily zone. In this case, you should go for gel-based or water-based Sunscreen.

Normal skin

People with normal basically can go for any kind of sunscreen.


SPF is the main deciding factor when it comes to the selection of sunscreen. We suggest you pick high-SPF sunscreen. Especially if you plan a day on the beach or any other outside activity, choose sunscreen lotion SPF50.


As sunscreens are usually applied before going outside, ensure your sunscreen is water and sweat-resistant.  

Lotus Sunscreen Range

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Sunscreen is an essential part of daily skicare. Daily use of sunscreen has long term benefits too. Fighting the harmful sunrays is just one aspect. Wearing sunscreens helps your skin with sunburn, skin discolouration, premature ageing and reduces skin inflammation due to heat.

We hope that from now you will sunscreen a compulsory companion in your skincare routine.