Gorgeous Beds For Your Master Bedroom

The bedroom is usually the most favorite part of the house as you spend the most relaxing time of your day in your bedroom. The relaxing time can only be enjoyed thoroughly if you have a comfortable queen size bed. While looking for bedroom design ideas for villa renovation, the bed holds a significant place. It takes up the most space in a bedroom and is the most visible piece of furniture in your bedroom. To make sure your bedroom looks exquisite, you must go for a bed that is equally durable and gorgeous.

To save you from the effort of visiting numerous stores, here’s a list of bed designs to choose from.


When you decide on a budget for buying something, you must know what do you expect from that item. If you want to buy a bed that lasts a long time, teakwood should be your ultimate choice of furniture. It is an excellent wood and lasts a long time. The wood is usually treated to prevent parasites and the tough design gives a fusion look with a blend of traditional and modern.

Canopy Bed

Canopy beds are never out of fashion, and it’s the perfect reason to have one in your bedroom. The Victorian-style Canopy bed is an evergreen choice for a master bedroom as you can take up as much space as you want. You can get it designed in a contemporary or bold way, and finish with a gorgeous lace or net piece to give a canopy style to it. Engrave the rods for typical Victorian-style Canopy bed feels.

Sleigh Bed

Sleigh beds are not found typically in many bedrooms, but that’s what makes them unique. The sleigh beds have sleigh-like headboards tilted on both sides, facing outwards. Some beds also have storage space within the head to help you store a few things. Sleigh beds look classy and offer additional space – a perfect combination.

Metal Bed

Metal beds are lightweight and more suitable if you have a large space but a minimalistic approach. They have a sleek framework and give delicate vibes. You can style your metal rod bed in any way you want. Stuff it with some thick plush material or leave it as it is. The metal bed definitely adds prettiness to your overall interior look.

Storage Bed

Villa renovation calls for getting rid of a lot of extra things in the house, but also to accommodate some other things. It can be an excellent idea to get a bed with extra storage to save everything you do not want to throw away. You can have slide-in drawers that make it easy for you to put something in them or to take it out. With so many options to choose from, you do not have to compromise on the style of the bed while looking for functionality.

Box Bed

Yes, that’s right, you have it. From how it looks, the bed gets his name. These beds are made of a square shape in the middle and are hollow and can be used to store the space under the mattress – making it a pantry bed. Box beds have recently grown enormously popular because they offer a spacious area for large items. It is available in many styles and materials and improves your bedroom’s look.

Round Bed

Are you bored of the typical square and slightly rectangular beds? Let us tell you round beds have been quite popular since the time of the Mughal empire, and it has been seen that the Mughal kings and queens enjoyed their slumber on round, silk beds. Having a round bed in your room shows your profound taste. All kinds of beds are gorgeous, yet the class of a round bed is unparalleled.

Trundle Bed

You must know about a single bed, double bed, queen-sized or a king-sized bed. But have you ever heard about a triple bed? And we are not talking about bunk beds here. Trundle beds are basically double beds that have an extra bed under them. It slides out like a drawer giving you access to a proper bed next to yours. It is just the right choice if you have a kid or when family comes to stay over.

You must recognize a solitary bed, double bed, queen-sized or large bed. But have you ever heard about a tripartite bed? And we are not talking about bunkum beds here. Roll beds are mostly double beds that have a spare bed under them. It slides out like a drawer philanthropic you access to a suitable bed next to yours. It is just the right excellent if you have a kid or when family comes to stay over.

It’s time to jazz up my bedroom– um, bedroom decor, that is. ? I’ve been at work on refurbishing the master bedroom for a little bit, slowly congregation my resources, window shopping, and taking time to truthfully decide how I need the room to feel.

Now that I’ve shared a few of the looks I’m fantasizing about for our bedroom trimming exploration, the next step is producing a design board custom-made to the real space and available pieces in my price array. Stay tuned for my master bedroom strategy board next week… oh, the potentials!

I’ve learned the very first step in an effective design is to make a record of your style and how you’d love your room to look and feel. I’ve talked about how to do this another time  (like here and here), so instead of relating the process over like a broken record I thought I’d skip ahead to photos of gorgeous bedrooms that are exciting my master bedroom plan

First, the bed. After looking at my bedroom beautifying ideas pinboard two styles popped out immediately: four-poster beds and covered beds. I mean, really. LOVE.

After many assumptions, I forbad the four-poster bed clue because my two little gofers would use them as monkey inns. Therefore, I went for complete headboards, similar to these attractive bedroom looks:

Another thing I’d love to unite is a reading nook in the corner. Wouldn’t that be dreamy?

Of course, designing any room is about a feeling. Even if these bedrooms aren’t precisely what I’m going for, they make my heart sing:

You can view more bedroom design thoughts and pieces on my Bedroom Ideas pinboard– is your style similar? If not, how would you sum up your style?

Take a list of your bedroom space exactly now: is it precisely how you’d love it to be? Does it need some assistance? What are your favorite parts, and which areas need either a quick fix or a total renovation? Tell me all about it!


While selecting a bed is a tough choice for villa renovation, it is also a critical one. The right bed can lift the look of your bedroom altogether. Interior designers at Exotic Interior Studio have helped many clients in choosing the right bed, and they can help you too!