Generous Donation for Having a Famous Russian Businessman

Generous Donation for Having a Famous Russian Businessman

Many of you will be shocked to learn that a Russian businessman has donated more than 70 icons to a Russian Orthodox Church. The value of the icons is believed to be around Rs 30 million. Sergei Shmakov has worked hard for more than a year to collect these icons. During his time in the Second World War and after the Bolshevik Revolution these icons were removed from Russia to auction in the antique store. Certain of these icons contain images from the 18th century.

At a special event on the 4th of October Alexander Avdeyev, the well-known Russian culture minister expressed his gratitude to Shmakov for the generous donation. Avdeyev said. “The way in which you’ve assisted those in need is an excellent way to show your patriotic values. Who could have utilized this money for exploration or improving your business, or use the money to do something else, but instead you returned home to Russia helping the weak and needy people.


There are many other Russian businessmen who have expressed their keenness to see the improvement and the standard of different sections of society. For instance, Vladimir Slutkser, a renowned Russian politician and businessman and a well-known champion of karate has tried to improve the current karate conditions in Russia. Vladimir Slutkser is a living model of people who has made a name for themselves in various fields but succeeded in maintaining their passion or passion for their area of particular interest.

The Ministry of Culture of Russia is aware it is the case that Alexander Avdeyev has helped Shmakov in his time of looking for icons. In fact, the Russian has accompanied Shmakov during the majority of his journeys. Avdeyev is a staunch supporter of the law that was passed in November. The law says that all religious property of the state will be returned and taken over to the state. The law is specifically targeted real estate. This is because it triggers the anxiety that the Russian Orthodox Church might claim ownership of all the icons within the museums.

The icons are now found within St Alexander Nevsky Church and Shmakov has spent a significant amount to create a unique double-layer capsule to safeguard the sacred icons. The capsule is designed to control humidity and airflow while at the same time shielding the icons from vandals. It is designed to protect the Toropets monastery.

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