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Frequently asked questions about the Turkey visa

General questions

  • • What is an e-visa and how does it work?The Turkey Visa FAQ is the replacement for the old visa for Turkey. The previous visa could be bought at the airport. Today, you need to have applied for you visa online before leaving for Turkey. An e-visa is not a document, stamp or sticker. An e-visa is an alternative visa in digital form. You receive this visa automatically by email after filling in the required information. Afterwards, you can print this visa or show it on your tablet or smartphone to the immigration service, in case they ask you to do so.
  • • Can I also buy a visa at the airport?No, it is no longer possible to buy a visa at the airport. If you wish to travel to Turkey, you need to have applied for a visa beforehand.
  • • What are the benefits of the e-visa Turkey?The e-visa Turkey needs to be applied for beforehand. In the past, it was possible to buy a Turkey visa at the airport (departure or arrival). This led to immense lines at the airport. With the introduction of the e-visa Turkey, this is no longer the case. Upon arrival at the airport, you can walk straight on. On top of that, you can safely pay through your own bank with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or PayPal.
  • • How and when do I receive my visa?Online applications for the Turkey visa are processed within 72 hours. Are you in a rush? Submit an urgent application. Urgent applications are granted within 15 minutes 98% of the time. This applies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including during the holidays.

    You will receive the visa by email. Not right away as an attachment, but through a link. When the application has been approved by the Turkish immigration service, you will receive an email with the confirmation of the approval. Within is a link to the status page on There, you can download the visa. It is important that you print this visa, so that you can show it to the Turkish immigration service if you are asked to. Don’t have access to a printer? You can also display the visa on the screen of your phone, tablet or laptop. Odds are that you will not be asked to show the visa at all (the possibility still exists), as the validity of the visa is checked through your passport number.
  • • I have applied for a visa but (still not) received it?Right after you have completed the payment for your visa application,you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. This e-mail contains a link to your personal status page on Here you check what the status of your (group) application is.

    Was your visa not issued within the expected term? The status page will tell you when you should contact us about this, and how to do it.

    The immigration service processes all applications individually. So not per group, but per person. even if you filled in multiple travellers in a single application form. Occasionally, there can be quite a bit of difference between the moments of approval between the various visas from a single group application. This can be the case if one or several people are subjected to a manual extended background check. If an application for a traveller takes more time than those of the other travellers in the group, this does not mean that the Turkey Visa for US Citizens application for this traveller has a higher chance of being rejected.

    Didn’t receive this email? First check the folder ‘unwanted emails’ in your email inbox, also known as the ‘spam’ or ‘junk’ folder. Can’t find an email from a sender titled [email protected]? Try looking up the status of your application online.

    This doesn’t work either? Send an email to [email protected] containing your order number. The order number can be found in the transcript of your payment.