Everything you need to know about limousine rental

Do you believe that limousines are one of the oldest forms of transport? The modern motor limousine was created in France in 1902, but the history of limousines dates back to the 18th century, when horses pulled golden limousines like carriages.

Limousines have always been known for their safety, style, comfort and ease of transport. Limousines are the most versatile form of car transport, whether you are going to the airport, going to Napa for a wine tour, celebrating a special event with a night trip or renting a wedding. A limousine is always a fun and luxurious way to enhance any occasion. Most people think of a limousine as a typical retractable limousine, but in contrast, any service with a driver is technically considered a limousine. It can be any range of cars, from a executive sedan, a large SUV, a sprinter bus, a retractable limousine or a luxury coach.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about limousines so that you know at the next special occasion which type of car and service is best for you.

How much does it cost to rent a limousine?

Limo in chicago rental costs will vary depending on the company you book and the services you need. Average prices are listed below.

  • $ 75 to $ 150 per hour depending on the car
  • $ 425 to $ 950 for a wind route
  • $ 350 to $ 800 per wedding
  • $ 795 to $ 1600 for balls

When booking a limousine, your price is determined by several variables. The car you choose, the package options and the time you need the car service. Prices may vary depending on the state you live in.

Here’s a look at the different types of cars offered by most transportation services and how prices vary. 

Vehicle types

It’s nice to have options when it comes to booking a professional shipping service. Finding the car that best suits your needs will ensure smoother and more comfortable transportation. With different cars to choose from, people with different budgets can also get professional transportation. Here is a comprehensive list of standard prices and car types from which you can choose when booking a driver.

Party buses, city cars, vans and limousines

A luxury sedan with seating for 2-3 passengers averages between $ 60 and $ 80 per hour. An SUV with space for up to 6 passengers costs on average between $ 70 and $ 90 per hour.

Stretch alms can settle an average of 8-10 people between $ 75 and $ 100 per hour.

Regular passengers 

This can accommodate 10-14 passengers or 10 passengers plus a lot of luggage. Average (85-110 USD per hour)

A limousine / party bus that can accommodate up to 14 passengers, usually for an hourly rate of $ 100 – $ 175 / hour.

Please note: Airport and port services are flat rates. At All In One Limousine, we strive to be as competitive as possible with our prices while offering the best value for your money. We guarantee that you will receive the most professional drivers, clean cars and a real commitment to safety and quality. Especially during a COVID-19 pandemic, make sure that your transport service fully explains your cleaning and sanitation procedures.

Limo packages

Many occasions allow you to rent a limousine. The limousine package is an easy way for the group to use the driver’s services. The professional shuttle service is great for airport transfers, concerts, sporting events, birthdays, beer or wine tours. Due to the absence of a designated driver, special opportunities are more fun and safer.

Many limousine companies have different levels of package prices that you can choose for your event, instead of charging an hourly rate. Often, as equipment grows, so does price. Some standard packages include:

Ball limousine packages: usually include bottled water, sparkling cider, pick-up at multiple locations or individual locations, handover to the ball, and transportation home. Ball packages are likely to start at almost $ 795 and cost $ 1,600 for a larger party bus with a high exit ball.