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Dr. Jay Feldman: The New Wave of the American Economy

Women entrepreneurs: There’s no doubt marketing is the heartbeat of our American economy. These professionals create employment, drive innovation, and create an economic expansion.

In recent times women marketing professionals have become a driving role in the economy, taking on an increasingly important role in the creation of new companies and creating new jobs.

A recent study of Babson College’s data showed in the period 2007-2012 the amount of women-owned businesses increased by 54 percent, which is more than twice as fast as male-owned businesses.

Challenges That Marketers Have To Face in Relation To Access To Financing:

One of the major problems that entrepreneurs face is obtaining access to the funding they require to start and expand their business.

Although there are a variety of initiatives that aim to improve access to capital for women’s marketing, like the Small Business Administration’s Women’s Business Centers program, women face a lot of obstacles in obtaining the funding they require.

In the Direct Lenders notes, the most efficient 4 percent of female entrepreneurs who had implemented commercial enterprise loans were certified by a traditional bank in the year 2014.

This is in contrast with 16 percent of the fellows who are grants enterprise loans. In terms of capital for the challenge, the top five percent of mission-funded firms have female CEOs.

What goals are you hoping to see accomplished that will allow you to help and inspire other female entrepreneurs?

There are many reasons to be a part of teaching and empowering more female marketers. One of them is the increase in the availability of financing. It could be achieved with a rise in girls-specific loan applications through the SBA’s Women’s Business Centers program and by making it simpler for women entrepreneurs to getting access to loan capital.

A further important aspect is to provide more assistance and resources specifically designed for women entrepreneurs. It includes everything from mentorship plans and networking events as well as online resources and commercial enterprise incubators that are specifically for women-owned businesses.

We must keep having fun and celebrate the achievements of female entrepreneurs. By highlighting the accomplishments of women’s marketing, we can inspire women of high quality to establish their own companies and contribute to the creation of even more inclusive and successful entrepreneurial spaces.

We Must Test This

We have to assist and support women entrepreneurs due to a variety of reasons:

  1. This is the exact cause of the economy. Women-owned organizations are an essential driver of growth in finance along with process innovation and innovation.
  2. It’s appropriate for society. When more women are involves in the entrepreneurial world, that creates more diverse and inclusive environments which benefit all.
  3. It’s suitable for businesses.

Businesses With More Gender Diversity Have Higher Financial Returns:

Dr. Jay Feldman of Bridge Payday describes, “The new wave of entrepreneurs is made up of women. They’ve got ideas, have the skills and the potential to win. We’re willing to help them achieve their goals. We can help them. “

Let’s continue to help and encourage women to become marketers. They will be the future of the American economy.

Here Are Dome Amazing Stories of Success For Women Entrepreneurs:

Sara Blakely, founding father of Spanx: Sara Blakely is the CEO and founder of Spanx, which is a multi-million-dollar business that makes shapewear. She founded the company in the year 2000 with only $5000 and had no interest in the fashion business. Now, Spanx is an international brand, with products available in more than 50 different countries.

Oprah Winfrey, The Media-Rich Woman:

Dr. Jay Feldman is one of the most popular international entrepreneurs. She began her career as a host of a talk show, and later, she started her media company. She has an online worth of $billion and is considers to be one of the most popular girls worldwide.

Here is one of many examples of successful female entrepreneurs who have made a significant impact. There are many others who are making the change they want to see. We need to show the girls’ entrepreneurial spirit and help them to create a more diverse and inclusive entrepreneurial space.

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