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Difficulties in Yoga Lifestyle: A Beginner’s Guide

You are mistaken if you think there won’t be any hurdles in the path of yoga. No matter which journey you undertake, difficulties are always going to be there. In the yogic path, Antarayas are some known obstacles to the yoga lifestyle. So, you must go through them to know what can hamper your overall growth. No matter whether you practice anti aging yoga or any other form, resistance will always be there.

So, without any further delay, let’s understand different levels of difficulties to live a yogic lifestyle. But before that, let’s have a brief familiarity with Antarayas. Keep reading.

What are Antarayas?

Antarayas work on two levels. One is how dedicated are you and the other is which type of difficulty you face. To overcome all the challenges to the yoga lifestyle, you need to first understand their nature.

The word Antarayas roughly translates to ‘impediment’ or ‘to come between’. These are obstacles to your spiritual journey when you try to implement a yoga lifestyle in your life. Different Antarayas have different characteristics. Hence you need to deal with them for better and faster results.

Most Common Antarayas in Yoga Lifestyle

Physical Illness

The first obstacle as mentioned by the sage Patanjali is a physical illness. It is also known as Vyadhi. Its sole purpose is to make you aware of the significance of a healthier physical body. Therefore, people who are addicted to fast food might suffer from physical illnesses. Hence, your yoga lifestyle is going to be at the back step if you are not physically healthy.

Being physically weak won’t permit you to practice yoga poses and other practices. Exhaustion and feeling tired also come under this category. Hence, to accept the yoga lifestyle, make sure you are physically sound.

Mental Lethargy

Also known as Styana, mental laziness is the 2nd obstacle given by Patanjali in Yoga Sutras. Unwillingness to do physical or mental exercises constitutes a major part of this hurdle. It is often called dullness of spirit.

The loss of enthusiasm is one of the signals of mental laziness. It solely focuses on your mind that helps you stay stronger throughout your journey. Naturally, the mind is lazy, hence, it becomes difficult to console it.

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One of the biggest obstacles in implementing a yoga lifestyle is indecision. It is also called Samshaya in which a person questions his or her thoughts. Not just that, the practitioner usually doubts his or her qualities as well as his or her teacher’s abilities.

It could take you doubtfulness to an extent where you question your existence. Furthermore, doubt is an obstacle that might lead to self-blame or blaming others. Confusion leads to limiting yourself and curbing your true potential.

No Set Priorities

Countless personalities affect your priorities over time. That is why when you change the way you live or behave, your basic priorities change. Hence, another obstacle to the yoga lifestyle is misplaced priorities, also known as Pramada. Every role you play ensures you keep a certain set of priorities at your disposal.

Sometimes, distractions or negligence of things at hand could lead to misplaced priorities. Thus, you become careless about what is going at hand. Distractions do not permit you to focus on what is required to stay on track.


Satisfying your senses could be a crucial point that can easily derail you from your path to a yoga lifestyle. It is also known as Avirati signifies your impulsiveness to be closer to your senses. Hence, you never look at the bigger picture. Rather, short-term pleasure can easily distract your mind.

When you easily get distracted, it becomes your second nature. Hence, you become a slave to your senses which could easily disrupt the flow of the yoga lifestyle in your life.

Giving Up

Being stuck at the same thing for a long time could lead to bitterness. Hence, your mind will think about giving up. That is another obstacle to yoga lifestyle implementation. You get to fight with negative thoughts and feelings going on in your head.

Sum Up

No matter what journey you take, there are always going to be difficulties and obstacles in your past. In those times, stay strong and always keep going. You can also join a yoga certification to get the guidance of yoga masters. Just make sure you check the yoga alliance certification cost before joining to know what much it is going to be. With the right mindset and willpower, you surely are going to achieve what you are aiming for.