Decorative Laminates

Decorative Laminates Vs Veneers – Which is the best?

A home is the treasure chest of living. The more you focus on beautifying your living space, the better they make a splendid design. Are you designing your home décor? Wondering which is the suitable material between decorative laminates and veneers? 

Before you start assuming about these materials, you should understand that both surface finishes are used for the furniture elements in home settings. However, both the materials have their pros and cons and choosing the one with more advantages is what we will find out here.

How laminates and veneers are manufactured?

Laminates are manufactured in machines at high temperatures by compressing kraft paper and plastic resins in sheets. However, veneers are made of light, thin sheets of wood that are pressed on a plywood base.


Veneers have the rich warmth of the wooden appearance, making them an excellent surfacing solution for furniture elements at home or office. Cabinets and wardrobes made with veneers at the top are impossible to distinguish from wooden surfaces. They have a luxurious appeal and requires an expensive budget. This surfacing material adds a touch of elegance to any interior decoration. Since these surfacing materials are made of authentic wood, two veneer surfaces can never appear the same.


Guess what? Laminates offer the same visual appeal but at a lower cost. When you choose textured laminates of wood, they can convince anybody that it is a genuine wooden surface. Also, you can select stone textured laminate sheetsof granite, marble, and other stone surfaces for enhancing the beauty of your home décor. However, in the case of wooden textured laminates, two surface finishes can appear the same. Nonetheless, you can also choose metal or solid colour finish laminates, which offers elegance to the overall interior decoration.


In the case of Veneers, every one of them serves a specific purpose. In other words, you can categoriseveneers into phenolic backed, raw paper, laid up, reconstituted veneer and wood on wood. This surface finish is made of natural materials, and therefore, it has a few numbers of shades.

On the other hand, there are a wide variety of laminates in terms of colours, textures, and designs. Even laminates can be customised according to décor needs. Hence, if you are creating a natural themed décor in your home, you could quickly go for textured wooden laminate for your home’s furniture and wall panels. You can also choose granite textured laminates for the kitchen countertops and tables simultaneously. However, when you want to create a vibrant décor theme in your living space, you can use solid colour laminates to transform your vision into reality. Laminates are also available in high gloss, matte, soft, and textured types to meet various interior decoration requirements.


Laminates hardly require any maintenance as compared to veneers. All you need to do is wipe the surface with a soft fabric and a mild soap solution to ensure it stays clean and shiny throughout the year. Since most laminate surface is scratch and moisture resistant, they can retain their look for many years.

On the other hand, the veneer needs maintenance compared to laminates. These surfaces must be polished time after time to maintain their visual appeal. Also, the cost of care is high in veneers compared to laminates.


Since there are many varieties in laminates, there is no dearth of aesthetics in laminate surface finish. Besides, it also depends on the décor theme and the designs based on which the laminates are being used.

However, veneers are made of genuine wood, and hence, they have the authentic elegance and grace of a wooden finish. In actuality, natural wood is richer in texture than laminate wood.  


If you are searching for durability and reliability in surface materials, consider installing laminates. Royale Touche laminates are durable because of their indifference to moisture, wear and tear, and stain. High-pressure laminates are known for being fire-proof as it’s burning temperature is relatively high than other surfacing alternatives. Moreover, modern laminates do not produce any toxic gas or chemicals if it burns by any chance or comes in contact with any reactive substance.

The durability factor in veneers is poor when compared to laminates. This surfacing material requires high maintenance and care, plus they are prone to scratches. 


Laminates are a better surfacing material than veneers because they are more durable, affordable, and require maintenance. If you’re searching for the best laminate brand in India, check out the Royale Touche laminates catalogue to choose your favourite laminate design and colours from a wide range of choices.