Choose Wisely your Tank Washing Nozzles and Save Money

Properly cleaning your commercial tanks is crucial to the safe, sanitary, and excellent production of goods. The dangers of failing to clean and disinfect your tank are detrimental. In a food plant, for example, a variety of contaminants can be found, from food product residue, detergent ingredients, and even microorganisms. Water storage tanks quickly become contaminated as well.

If your industry utilizes tanks that require regular cleaning, you know that the process is somewhat time-consuming and costly. However, while the process of cleaning your tank is necessary, it does not have to negatively affect your bottom line. Simply choosing and utilizing the right tank washing nozzles for your specific application can save money and important resources.

Save Money and Reduce Resources Reduce Water Consumption

Water is a key component to tank cleaning. The benefits of water conservation extend beyond saving money – although this is certainly one advantage. Firstly, water is not an infinite resource. Fresh water is even scarcer. In fact, 97% of all water on earth is saltwater. Reducing water consumption minimizes potential drought, preserves the environment, and frees water to be utilized in other areas. Choosing the right tank cleaning nozzle for your application is the first step to reducing water consumption, because only the necessary amount of water will be used.

Increase Production Speed

Speed is always beneficial. Utilizing the right tank cleaning nozzle will ensure a quickly yet accurately cleaned tank, decreasing sanitation time and allowing production to begin quickly. As mentioned earlier, cleaning your tanks is absolutely necessary – but the process does not have to severely disrupt production.

Limit Cleaning Solvent Usage

Perhaps the biggest way to save money is by limiting cleaning solvent usage. Utilizing an inefficient cleaning nozzle for your tank ultimately wastes solvent. As any member of an industry that utilizes tanks knows, cleaning solvent is not inexpensive. Yet, like most investments, cleaning solvent is a necessary expense that ultimately pays off. Saving solvent wherever possible, even by simply choosing the right washing nozzles, will positively impact your bottom line.

Choosing the Right Type of Nozzle

Now that benefits of reducing water consumption, increasing production speed, and limiting cleaning solvent usage are clear, the next step is choosing the right nozzle for your application. Making an informed decision begins with discovering what different kinds of nozzles are available.

Static vs. Rotational

Tank cleaning nozzles generally fall under two broad categories: static and rotational. These titles are fairly self-explanatory. Static nozzles don’t move during cleaning while rotational nozzles rotate in a fixed pattern during use. In general, static nozzles are useful for small cleaning tasks or performing a simple rinse. However, though they are effective, they are not entirely efficient. Rotational nozzles are excellent for small to large tanks, depending on the specific nozzle design. Rotational nozzles prove to be more economical than static. In a brewery tank cleaning trial, rotational spray nozzles saved water consumption by 30% and reduced the cleaning cycle by 40%.

Efficiency Classes

Cleaning nozzles fall into various efficiency classes, depending on their ideal application. Efficiency classes range on a scale of 1-5, depending on tank size and power. Efficiency Class 1 nozzles are ideal for small tanks and simple rinses. Nozzles found in Efficiency Class 2 & 3 are perfect for small to medium-sized tanks which require more than just a rinse. Efficiency Class 4 nozzles work with larger tanks, providing higher impact and larger droplets for more intense washes.  Finally, nozzles in Efficiency Class 5 are ideal for tough cleaning jobs that require the highest impact. Very large tanks generally utilize Efficiency Class 5 nozzles.

Nozzle Types

Once you’ve considered the difference between static and rotational nozzles, as well as the varying efficiency classes, the different kinds of nozzles can be explored.

Static spray balls: Static spray balls fall into Efficiency Class 1. Because of their efficiency class and the fact that they are static, they are primarily utilized for washing small tanks and vessels. As mentioned earlier, compared to rotational nozzles, they are excellent for small tanks but require a greater amount of liquid to perform the same task. Static spray balls are indispensable, however, for certain characteristics: they have no moving parts, they are self-draining, they are easy to inspect, and are excellent for use in hygienically sensitive environments.

Free spinning: Free spinning nozzles are driven by the cleaning fluid; therefore, they are specially positioned inside small to medium-sized tanks. Free spinning nozzles fall into Efficiency Class 2 and 3. These nozzles clean the tank through repeatedly impacting the surface, effectively removing soil. They are ideal for cleaning done at low pressure.

Controlled rotation nozzles: Controlled rotation nozzles are also driven by fluid. However, these nozzles are controlled by an internal gear, designed to guide the rotational patterns. Controlled rotation nozzles, categorized in Efficiency Class 4, are ideal for higher impact. The internal gear ensures a consistent speed under high pressure, producing repeated, intense impact. Perfect for larger tanks, controlled rotation nozzles produce larger droplets than the two aforementioned nozzle types.

Gear controlled: Gear controlled nozzles fall into Efficiency Class 5, indicating that they are excellent for very large tanks and difficult cleaning jobs. They generate an extremely high impact, driven by an internal gear that rotates the spray head by two axes. The nozzles produce powerful spray that sweeps the tank surface in specific, pre-programmed patterns, ensuring a consistent cleaning job every time.

Choosing the Right Nozzle Manufacturer

Prepared to make an informed decision about the right tank washing nozzles for your application, the final step is to choose the right washing nozzles manufacturer to purchase from. You are on the road to save money and conserve resources – so do not hesitate to make an investment and purchase the best nozzle at Spray Technologies Ltd.

Spray nozzle manufacturing company with your best interest in mind. We know that choosing the right tank cleaning nozzle will positively impact your bottom line. It helps you choose the best cleaning solution for your specific application. If you have any questions about which nozzle will serve your application best, contact us today.