Check Out These 7 Highest Yielding Auto-Flowering Strains

Ever since the auto-flowering strains hit the headlines, there is no looking back. Easily cultivated and blooming routinely with quick harvests, beginners love them. Auto-flowering seeds lead to female plants that produce smoke-worthy products in high demand. All you need is simple lighting, as they are not very particular about temperature changes and dangers from pests.    

Why Choose Auto-Flowering Strains? 


Here are some reasons why auto-flowering plants are increasingly popular.  

  • Auto-flowering strains grow buds faster, unlike the light-dependent varieties with a 2-3 months harvest deadline from seed.  
  • An indirect advantage of fast growth is the small dimensions of most auto-flowering varieties, which suits congested growing scenarios.   
  • In terms of big yields, they grow equally well, similar in size to photoperiod plants. 
  • Unlike Photoperiod plants that you need to grow in batches, auto-flowering seeds could be planted every week for a regular harvest.  

Have You Heard of Feminized Seeds?  


Beginners often find it hard to decide which is better? High-quality seeds bring good yields, whether they are auto-flowering or feminized. Some say that the feminized variety contains greater potency and yields more.  

Why do some people think auto-flowering types have lower strength? The auto-flowering types originate from the gene in the Ruderalis species that has lower THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the primary psychoactive element. 

Seven Highest Yielding Auto-Flowering Strains 

  • Strawberry cola auto (500-600 gr/m2) 
  • Bruce banner auto (450-600 gr/m2) 
  • Wedding cheesecake (450-600 gr/m2) 
  • Alaskan Purple Auto (400-550 gr/m2) 
  • White Widow Max Auto (400-500 gr/m2) 
  • Orange sherbet auto (650 gr/m2) 
  • Purple punch auto (450-600 gr/m2) 
  1. Strawberry Cola Auto 

Primarily indica, strawberry cola auto is a poly-hybrid auto-flowering strain that grows without a fuss. Each plant reaches a height of 100 cm. Expect a yield of 500-600 gr/m2 within 63 days—dense and intensely resinous buds reap all the power. A floral and fruity aroma with a hint of cola delivers a peaceful and meditative high.  

The crossing of Strawberry Banana and Mango Cream Auto strains resulted in four generations of breeding. Further crossing with Monster Mash and strawberry cola auto came into existence. Why not try high quality products offered by budmail which offers cannabis products at best rates.

  1. Bruce Banner Auto 


With a combined Indica and Sativa vigor, the intensely commercial Bruce Banner Auto provides sensational yields. The harvest may reach 600 g/m2, with the flowering achieved in 10 weeks. The plant heights may reach 150 cm. Expect excellent quality and quantity with lots of resin in an easy-to-grow format. The chunky buds grow big and dense while the flavor replicates an earthy-sweet berry. A high THC content brings on a simple joy.  

Grow it equally well indoors or outdoors amidst an ample space. The plants grow well in crowded places too. The trimming of the lower plant directs all the airflow and growth energy on the remaining part. Besides, you also avoid the tiny, low-quality buds lower down.  

Wedding Cheesecake  

This potent Indica Sativa combination brings high yields too. Expect THC around 24%, making it potent. This terpene concentration grows infinitely rapidly with a harvest in 9 weeks. The plants could reach and exceed a height of 100 cm. The frosty nugs bring a fruity and creamy flavor with a hint of cheesecake, elevating the soul.  

Harvests take 70 days, and yields continue all around the year. This sturdy hybrid reaches the flowering stage fast. However, you need a dense covering to grow this super plant successfully.   

Alaskan Purple Auto  

This large plant grows fast in 7-9 weeks with a fruity flavor and tranquil impact. Indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses, they do well in every environment. Indoor growers may obtain 400-550 gr/m2, while outdoor growing situations vary according to latitude and longitude, yielding 40-200 gr per plant. 

With a fruity aroma, an Indica high of about 15-20% THC is fulfilling and relaxed. Genes combine Alaskan Purple and Ruderalis with 10% Indica and 90% Sativa.  

White Widow Max Automatic  

Pearly white crystals cover the dense buds in this highly potent THC-laden Ruderalis addition. Easy to grow with high yields, this is an excellent option. Harvests could touch 400-500 g/m2 with 8-10 weeks of blossoming time. You can grow it indoors or outdoors.  

Orange Sherbet Auto  

Capable of a mighty harvest in 10 weeks, this tall Sativa grows to 150 cm. Potency touches the sky too at 24% THC content, delivering a euphoric blissful high. A citrus and orange aroma appears in this Christmas tree type of foliage. Besides, the strain grows very well outdoors in the heat, so plant the tall variety outdoors in large containers for the best results. The bouncy cerebral boost is genuinely enlightening to deal with busy schedules.  

Purple Punch Auto  

An Indica that flowers very fast is very hardy and brings mighty yields. Beginners love the plant that endures the complexities of the weather. Short summers, the cold and heavy rain do not disturb it. Expect the height to reach more than 100 cm, with the buds growing as large as golf balls. The appearance after flowering is bushy and chunky. This robust strain can resist mold and pathogens. Grow them crowded together in congested spaces successfully but supply ample nutrients.   

An exotic flavor combines cherry and blueberry with a spicy trace—the energetic effect when consumed results in a focused repose that lasts rather long.  

Bottom Line 

Just like shopping, too many intelligent choices can make it challenging to choose. However, the mentioned information will help you determine which varieties and forms of consumption suit you best for those pretty moments. Why not try out a few strains, perhaps based on reviews or gut feelings? Be assured that a few likes would emerge.