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It was recently discovered it is Triple H his pushing for Randy Orton to be given an opportunity to become WWE champion. WWE champion, since Triple H believes it will benefit John Cena to chase the title for a while, and that Orton is now rocky replica belt primed to become the best and an honor Randy Orton would already have held several times in the past if he’d become more disciplined.

Orton was bound for great things shortly following his first appearance as a wrestler in WWE and following an unremarkable start due to injuries, it was not that long after Orton along with WWE launched to the world under the Legend Killer moniker. The first major fight with the gimmick was in the company of Mick Foley. The greatest credit must be given to Foley because of his unselfish effort in aiding Orton to overcome his struggles and become an international star, something that isn’t the case for many of WWE’s most renowned superstars. the giant gonzalez Orton was then offered a chance to be WWE champion, beating Chris Benoit for the title at summer slam however, the reign wasn’t an unqualified successful one. Orton was not to blame, however because WWE put the title on Orton after Chris Benoit’s title reign was causing an increase in ratings.

Also, Orton’s confidence and arrogance did not help him gain the support of fans as the fan’s favorite. Randy Orton feuded with Triple H and The Undertaker over the course of the next year, however Orton was also beginning to gain a reputation for being an aggressor, and very arrogant. Orton thought that since the the great khali 2020 WWE was his top show and a top wrestler, he was not bound with the rules that other members in WWE’s roster. WWE roster.

WWE Diva Amy Webber left the company and stated her reason was Randy Orton continually harassing her and vandalizing her possessions and Rochelle Loewen was relegated to Smackdown because of similar complaints (she was dismissed shortly afterwards). It appeared The Legend Killers friendship with Triple H was helping Orton get through these incidents and he was spared injury when he received an opportunity to participate in the WWE finals with Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterious at WrestleMania. Even though Orton did not win the gold, he was scheduled to take on Rey Mysterious for the belt following WrestleMania however Orton failed a drug test and was then suspended at the request of the WWE.

While it may cost Orton the title, some believed it was exactly what was the Legend Killer needed to put Orton in his place and set him back on the right path and it worked. Orton was able to finish the rest of the year without incidents of importance, however once was he again Orton was forced into world title contention, his behavior once more showed the ugly side of his character. Just prior to Backlash was set to take place, in which Orton was scheduled to take on Shawn Michaels, John Cena and Edge the three, he was ejected from a European tour for destroying the hotel room. Then again, it appeared Orton was a bit sloppy and had lost his position on the front of the table.