Canada eTA for Croatian Citizens

The Canadian government introduced the Canadian eTA (Electronic Travel Authorisation) in 2016 to facilitate foreign visitors’ arrivals. It is a travel permit that is available online.

It has a validity of 5 years and grants Croatian nationals multiple entries with an allowed stay of up to 6 months during each visit.


The Canadian government issued a list of countries whose citizens can arrive in the country without needing a standard CANADA VISA FOR CROATIAN CITIZENS.

Croatians are amongst the citizens who are visa-exempt to visit Canada and can go ahead and apply for the Canadian eTA.

They must ensure they comply with the following conditions:

  • Their stay will be for tourism, business, or transiting through
  • None of their visits will exceed 180 days
  • They will reach Canada by one of their international airports

Croatians travelling to Canada for any other purposes such as full-time employment or academic courses should schedule an appointment at the Canadian embassy in Zagreb and enquire which types of visas for Canada suit their needs.

completing canada eta form

Access to Canada ETA Application


Croatian citizens must read through the Canada eTA requirements before applying. They include the following:

  • Have a biometric passport compatible with the eTA for Canada
  • Provide a frequently used email address
  • Possess a debit or credit card

The biometric passport (also referred to as electronic) is a secure travel document with a digital chip on its cover page. Most international airports have automatic scanners at arrivals that reduce the time spent at border controls. Croatian nationals with a biometric passport should confirm it is valid for 6 months or more from the date of their arrival in Canada.

Croatian applicants must ensure they apply for their CANADA VISA FOR SLOVAK CITIZENS with an email address they regularly use. The Canadian government issues all of their communications, including the confirmation of the eTA issuance, only by email. Lastly, they must also confirm the credit or debit card they use for payment has been previously actioned for online payments and carries sufficient funds.


Croatian passport holders can easily request the Canadian eTA from the comfort of their home or office by accessing the online application form. The entire process takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish.

Online application

Fill out the online eTA application form and upload documents in electronic formatApply for Canada ETA

Pay eTA

Pay the eTA Canada fee with Credit or Debit Card

Receive ETA Canada

Receive Approved ETA by email

Candidates are required to provide:

  • Personal information (name, address and other contact information, nationality, place, and date of birth)
  • Passport details (country, passport number, dates of issue, and expiry)
  • Travel plans (travel dates, accommodation in Canada).

Applicants also need to answer some basic health and security questions in the ETA application form. The answers must be truthful and correct. Providing inaccurate information could result in delays or even a denial of the Canadian eTA.

Travelling to Canada from Croatia with children with the eTA

Croatian groups planning to visit Canada with underage travellers must consider that each traveller in their party must arrive with the eTA previously granted. Parents or legal guardians are authorised to submit their dependents’ application on their behalf without any problems.

Payment of the Canadian eTA by Croatian applicants

Urgent eTA for Canada available to Croatian travellers


Once Croatian applicants have submitted their application and paid the processing fee, the Canadian government evaluates their eTA request. The evaluation is a relatively swift process, and in most cases, Croatian nationals will receive a confirmation email with their eTA approval in 24 hours. Sometimes in busy touristic periods, this process could take 72 hours. The Canadian government recommends applying at least 3 business days before their intended departure.


Croatian visitors will not need to print out a copy of their approved eTA. It is automatically linked to their passport, so they must simply ensure they arrive in Canada with the same passport they used during their application process. This is especially important for Croats with dual citizenship or who have had to replace the passport they used to request the eTA (theft, misplacement, etc.).

Croatian passengers will be required to display their passports to be scanned at the departure gates before boarding their outbound flights to Canada. Once they reach the country, they will submit their passport for entry scans before entering the country.

The eTA grants Croatian citizens a maximum stay of 6 months. An approved eTA can be used for multiple visa-free entries for 5 years or until the passport expires. They must plan their arrival and departure dates to comply with the allowed dates of permanence and eTA validity. Croatians who wish to prolong their stay beyond the authorised dates must request a Canadian Electronic Travel extension. They must simply submit their application 30 days before their current eTA expires, and within 24 hours, they will receive their extension.