Benefits Of Termite Inspection And Pest Control

Pests and termites are a growing concern for homeowners and other property owners. If you see more of these tiny insects swamping your home than ever before, it could signal a deeper problem. Pest control is the act of regulating and controlling these insects. Unfortunately, termites have taken the spotlight amongst many other pests like the powderpost beetle and carpenter ants.

The reason behind this is the irreparable damage termites cause. Termites cause $30 billion damage to crops and artificial structures in the US annually. An average US resident who finds termite damage will spend around  $3000 in repairs, and this is just the beginning. Repair costs for damage to the structure or foundation can go above $6500 and beyond $10000 depending on the extent to which it has exceeded. 

Is Pest Control An Issue In St Louis?

Around 2500 species of termites are found worldwide. They are mainly in tropical areas and are fewer in colder ones. Out of the 2500 species, 45 are located in the US, and 4 of these occur naturally in Missouri. Termites swamp St Louis during the spring season; these can be from a few hundred to thousands. In addition, Missouri deals with eastern subterranean termites, and this termite is responsible for the most destruction in the US.

Termites feed on any matter that contains cellulose. Of course, we already know termites love attacking and feeding on wood, but what may surprise many people is that these pesky pests will eat books, cotton, rock, wallpaper, furniture, stored lumber, hardwood flooring, wooden fixtures, and even electrical wires!

Signs You Have Termites In Your Home:

The most important sign is seeing swarms of termites. A swarm doesn’t have to be thousands in number; it can be anything from a few to hundreds. They may not all be visible to you since termites go unnoticed; these pests like to work their way under surfaces till the damage is beyond repair. 

Swarming is only a sign that termites are trying to get out of an enclosed space, mate, or burrow into a surface to start a new termite colony. Termites have a habit of shedding wings as they mate, so if you come across tiny transparent tissue-like wings here and there, you should know you have unwanted company in your house. 

Another visible sign that quickly gives away their hiding places is mud tubes. These are termites’ shelter tubes, and termites use these to move from one feeding spot to another. There is no season for these tubes to appear around your house; you may spot one any time of the year. Termite Inspection St Louis mud tubes are mostly found around windows, floor sideboards, walls, foundations, etc. These mud tubes can be active, and if you break them by tapping from the top, you will discover tiny white ant-like insects scurrying about inside. This confirms your worst fear that termites are active in your house. A closer look may reveal some of these ants to have brown antennae. These are the worker ants and are responsible for feeding the entire colony.

If you see bubbled paint or inflated surfaces like wood or wallpaper, rub it lightly; if you know the color gives way and surfaces mud or dirt, you have unearthed a termite shelter tube in your home.

Is A Termite Inspection Worth It?

Considering the damage they do, a termite inspection is worth it. It can save you from damage that may require hundreds if not thousands of dollars to repair. If termites attack your home’s foundation, the integrity of your home is compromised, and you could be in dire danger. 

A few hundred dollars of saving is not worth the risks it saves you from. Termite & Pest control services in St Louis offer termite inspections for residential and commercial properties. A commercial pest control inspection can protect you from irreparable damage. Pest removal services have helped save people from thousands of dollars in damage. They identify the root cause of the problem and eliminate it once and for all.

How much Is A Termite Inspection In Missouri?

It’s better to get an accurate inspection cost from Missouri’s reliable termite inspection company. A rough estimate for a termite inspection is $100 to $280, with $50 being the lowest.

Where Does An Inspector Look For Termites?

Wondering, “Where do they look during a termite inspection?” This question is good because you may need to shuffle a few things around for the ease of an inspection officer performing a termite inspection. Some things you should do to make the inspector’s job easier and quick are:

  • Make your attic accessible and remove any things you are storing that may block the entrance for easy access.
  • Clear the crawl spaces so the inspector can get in quickly. 
  • Trim and take care of your landscaping for the inspector to easily access the house’s perimeter for the inspection of the exterior walls and foundation.
  • Rearrange things so the inspector can access walls, floorboards, cabinets, etc.

How Do Professionals Check For Termites?

A termite inspector visits your home after you schedule an inspection. He then inspects every nook and cranny he suspects could have termites. Most of an inspector’s knowledge comes from professional training and years of experience performing inspections. 

He will look for visible signs of termite presence, including termite droppings, leftover wings, mud tubes, stained or damaged wood. In addition, an inspector will check the following parts in your home and more:

  • Attics
  • Crawlspaces 
  • Cabinets & closets
  • Window’s 
  • Doors
  • Baseboards
  • Shelves
  • Exterior wall

Benefits Of A termite inspection?

Safeguarding your home is the obvious benefit of a termite inspection. A home is an investment and one that often takes a lifetime of savings to buy. A pest inspection is best for your interest as it helps;

  • Save your time and money.
  • You catch the damage earlier, preventing significant expenses for repair.
  • Safer and more detailed results are coming from a certified professional.
  • If infestations are found, you get referred to good pest exterminators.

How To Find Best Pest Control Services In St Louis? 

If you ask yourself, ” What is the best pest control near me? “you are not the only one. Many people are in a dilemma searching the internet for affordable termite and pest control services in Missouri. Pest control services may be present in abundance in Missouri, but the question is, which one to go for? When researching, you come across so many options claiming to be the best pest control services in town. Searching Google for ‘St Louis pest control company reviews’, ‘pest control companies near me, or ‘best pest control companies is a good strategy. 

Qualities Of The Best Pest Inspection Company:

A good pest control company should have at least a decade of experience in the industry. It should be confident about its services to offer a money-back guarantee. In addition, its reviews page should have consistent 5-star ratings. A good pest control service in St Louis will have certified master inspectors and nationally qualified and trained staff. A  professional and well-reputed company that has performed thousands of termite inspections will always provide a 130-day termite warranty to ensure a client’s investment remains safe if termites reappear within three months of an inspection.

If you fear you have termites or any other wood-destroying insects in your home, don’t delay as it may cause the damage they may be doing to go out of control. Instead, seek professional help and make your home a safe abode.