Avail lip fillers in Sheffield to derive young smile

You may have perhaps heard about lip enhancement or lip augmentation and want to know more about them. Several procedures are available in this regard. The techniques offered might be subdivided into surgical & non-surgical procedures.

Type of procedures offered

When searching for lip enhancement near me, you are likely to come across practitioners offering surgical & non-surgical procedures. Getting to know them in details will allow you to make the right choice.

  • Surgical procedure: The common ones offered are as follows:
    • Lip lift surgery: Two common procedures are offered under this category. The latest technique involves performing the procedure within the upper lip. It does not create any visible scar.  While performing this procedure, pink tissue present in mouth (mucosa) in small flaps, get bunched, thus pushing lip up and outward. It does offer amazing results without visible scars.
    • Lip implants: Several implants are used. These are generally soft, small and quite different from that of breast implants. Gortex (TM) is being used in small pieces. The latest implants include long, small balloons inserted within the lips. You can enjoy deriving permanent results unlike fillers. But your body might reject the implants, thus requiring it to be removed. In such a case, there may occur deformity and scarring.
    • Fat injections: The practitioners will obtain fat from other area of your body like the hip region. Removed fat gets treated to enhance survival or ‘take’ after transplantation. Then, fat gets injected within the lip to plump as well as fill up the tissue. Injecting fat works amazingly. However, there can be prolonged bruising and swelling following the injection procedure. 50% of fat is likely to dissolve. Hence, the practitioner over-corrects the injection. To derive positive final results, it might take about 3-6 months.
  • Non-surgical procedure: Fillers like Juvederm & Restylane may be injected within the lips. This is to derive that younger full lip. Besides making lip to appear full, filler injections distend lip skin. With proper injection, the fillers tend to turn the upper lip’s pink portion upward. Thus, the distance present between nose and pink lip reduces. This way, the lip appears younger. Usually, the lip lengthens and turns down with age. Fillers are to be repeated annually or even six months.

Why avail Lip Augmentation procedure?

  • Fuller lips provide younger look: With age, significant changes occur in the lips. Moreover, the face develops skin laxity while lip starts to lengthen, sag and turn inwards. The lip’s pink part, the beautiful-looking Cupid’s bow, upper lip curved portion becomes less evident. This is more so with the lip turning inward. Lipstick lines, lip lines and lip wrinkles develop with age.
  • Modern beauty concepts: To enhance facial beauty, it is important to have plump, full looking lips. Full lips are now fashion and considered beautiful. Hence, modern beauty ideals seem to have adopted this feature.

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