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Searching For Atlanta Real Estate Inspection Costs?

About to purchase your first home? Wondering how much a home inspection costs? Thinking of going ahead without an Inspection? These are questions that may confuse many first-time home buyers. Many people are often tempted to skip getting a house inspected before buying it, but the risks associated with skipping an inspection outweigh the inspection cost itself and are so high that they usually change their minds. A house might seem in mint condition with its freshly painted walls and polished floors but what lies behind those walls and underneath those floorboards is something you only know after you start living in it. Well not always, unless you have an inspection done.

What is the plumbing system’s condition? Are the electrical systems in good working condition? What’s the history of the basement or attic? Not getting a home inspection done will leave these unanswered questions nagging you. If you want peace of mind before investing your lifetime savings in one place, an inspection is crucial.

A home inspection determines the present condition of a house and helps assess its value, it also gives you the opportunity to negotiate the price with the seller or get repairs done. A home inspection is a thorough physical analysis of a home from the inside out. An inspection report gives you a detailed insight into the home’s present condition including all its components that may need repair or replacement. Inspection companies are not allowed by law to work on the houses they perform inspections on. They may refer professional plumbers, electricians, or related experts, whatever your home’s need may be, to fix these issues.

How Much Does A Home Inspection Cost?

Here comes the million-dollar question, what exactly does an inspection cost? Inspection costs vary with every new house. What’s more important before an inspection is selecting the right inspection company, one that is certified and has at least a decade of experience performing inspections. There are a lot of factors affecting the inspection cost of a home, some of these are:

  • Size & covered area of a house
  • Number of tests performed
  • Testing methodology used
  • Specialized services such as radon or mold
  • Location, Region, travel cost
  • Age of home
House Inspection

Basic Or Specialized Inspections?

A basic home inspection is a visual inspection that assesses all the visible components on a property. An inspector may suggest advanced inspections to be performed to get an accurate picture of underlying problems. You may have to pay more for an advanced inspection, but it is worth it in the long run considering the repair costs it will save you from. Basic inspections are not as rigorous as advanced inspections and don’t give you all the information you want before buying a house. For example (XYZ) is an Atlanta-based real estate inspection company in Georgia offering advanced inspection services to its customers. An advanced inspection from them may save you from a lot of unwanted surprises down the road. They have years of experience in the field and have performed thousands of real estate inspections in Georgia.

Average Cost Of Home Inspection In Georgia

Georgia’s Trade Practice Act 1994 says about inspections, ‘You must provide a scope of work, do a visual inspection and provide a detailed report.’

Research shows average home inspection costs for a 2500 sq/ft house in Atlanta without a basement or crawlspace included, ranging between $350 to $475. The variables discussed above including advanced services take the price up a notch. It is a good idea to do your research about good home inspection companies in your area. These costs, however, are no assurance of the quality of an inspection, for that you need to do your research. The ASHI school provides national certifications and credentials one may require to start a home inspection practice in Atlanta. Inspectors with certifications and credentials from ASHi are a good choice for reliability and professionalism.

A home inspection may cost you money and your time, but don’t let these factors decide whether you should get an inspection done. An inspection will pay you back in the long run. They will enhance the value of your home and make you more confident about your house. From a buyer’s point of view, a home inspection will make you confident about the purchase you are about to make. Not only are home inspections important for buyers and sellers, but they are also important for future planning as well. A home inspection revealing a roof needing repairs will help you prepare for future expenses.

Chances are you’re reading this article to get to know about a home inspection and its cost. If you require a real estate inspection in Georgia, Champia Real Estate Inspections can help and answer all the questions you may have. You are only a phone call away from getting all this information for free. Get an estimate on a home inspection for a near you, schedule an appointment today.