Are Lip Fillers in St Helens Really Worth It?

Lips are often the center of attraction of our face. Your bright and beaming smile can make the day of the person in front of you. However, the ageing process takes away the aesthetic of our lips and makes them appear dull and dreary. One of the best methods to enhance your lips and maintain their liveliness is by getting lip fillers in St Helens.

Go on reading to know everything about a lip filler treatment and why you should get it done.

What Are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are the treatment used to accentuate the volume of lips, add desired shape and structure to your lips so that they complement your facial profile. Lip fillers are a natural and non-invasive solution to your saggy lips, helping you achieve fuller and plumper lips. Perfect lip contours are achieved by cosmetologists using dermal fillers, lip lifts and implants to give you a more enhanced lip profile, elevating your facial beauty and self-esteem.

Advantages of Lip Fillers

  • Fuller, Prettier Lips

The results of lip fillers are instant. You achieve defined lips with vivid contours and improved volume. Your new set of lips liven up your facial appearance and add to your self-confidence. It’s beneficial if you suffer from low self-esteem in social and professional settings due to your looks.

  • Versatile Treatment

While lip fillers are more often used to lift the volume of lips, the treatment is versatile and is used for:

  • reducing the impact of marionette lines;
  • adding extra volume to the philtrum edges;
  • lowering the effects of perioral lines;
  • adding details to the cupid’s bow.

If you live in or around Wigan, you can search for trusted aesthetic centres that do lip fillers in Wigan.

  • Easy, Quick and Painless

Lip fillers treatment is easy and fast, taking only around 20 minutes to administer. An ultra-fine needle is used together with an anaesthetic, so you feel no pain throughout the process. There may be a pinprick-like feeling for a few hours after the treatment, but there’s no acute or lasting pain following this treatment.

  • Non-synthetic Filler

Lip fillers use hyaluronic acid, which the human body already possesses. When one is young, his/her skin is full of this hyaluronic acid which accounts for its volume and wrinkle-free nature. With ageing, the skin volume depletes, resulting in deep lines and creases. So lip fillers uplift the hyaluronic acid levels in the lips, providing them with a younger and vivid appearance.

  • Little to No Side Effects

The non-synthetic nature of lip fillers backs this point. As your body naturally possesses hyaluronic acid, chances of side effects or allergic reactions are rare. Your body completely absorbs the fillers in about six months’ time. You should visit your aesthetic practitioner for a revision session to maintain the stoutness of your lips.

  • Completely Reversible

If a particular filler session goes wrong and you want to further change your lip profile, you have ways to correct it. A lip filler is totally reversible; it is removed by injecting an enzyme called hyaluronidase that dissolves the hyaluronic acid in your lips. The process is easy, and you can add new fillers later in the future.

Get Your Lips Done

Before choosing a cosmetologist who does lip fillers in St Helens, you should ensure that the person has enough experience and expertise in lip filler treatments. Check out multiple centers before settling for the best one.