Annotate a PDF Quickly


Annotation apps give users the ability to review their important PDF files and make any changes if necessary. The apps work like any other word processing program but for the notoriously, hard-to-edit PDF format. These apps let users apply the same tools and functions they would have with a hard-copy, paper text, or another document type to edit and, ultimately, improve their text. 

Highlight, Strikethrough, or Underline Text Online

Users can apply any of these editing functions to their PDF text with apps for writing on PDFs. Highlighting or strikethrough functions are often accessed through the editing menu unless they have a specific icon on the program’s toolbar. If they do, users can simply click on the appropriate icon and then highlight, strikethrough, or underline any relevant text. 

Replace Text Online 

Annotating PDFs can also entail replacing text if needed. Users can find the text they want to replace and either highlight it for someone else to replace or replace it themselves. Users can do this by simply highlighting the text that needs to be removed, and deleting it or leaving a note or comment for another editor to perform that function. 

Delete Text Online 

Users can find text that is no longer needed and delete it right away with any writing on the PDF app. They can open the text in the appropriate app and look for the text that needs to be deleted. Once they have found it, they can highlight that text and delete it like they would with any other type of word processing program. 

Add a Sticky Note Online

Leaving a sticky note on a PDF is possible with the many different annotation apps out there. A program like Lumin PDF allows users to annotate PDFs for other users to view. In Lumin, users can simply open the text and add an annotation in the appropriate area so other users can view it. 

Edit a Sticky Note Comment Online

When users leave an annotation or “sticky note” on a PDF, other collaborators can view and make changes to that same note or leave a new one, generating a conversation over the document. Lumin users who have access to a PDF document can read comments left behind by other users and then reply to those comments or edit the notes they left behind. 

Delete a Sticky Note Online

A “sticky note” aka an annotation or comment left by one user on a PDF file shared with others can be a guidepost for how to improve or make changes to a document. Users can read the note and make the applicable changes and once they have finished they can simply remove or delete the sticky note. 

Add a Text Box Online

Adding a text box is a common feature of many of the best PDF annotation apps, which come with various features and tools. Users can, aside from leaving notes, comments, and annotations, create an entirely new text box with the appropriate tool or function on their app. Users can click the icon, draw out the size of the text box on the location they want it placed, and click to create the box.