An Ultimate Guide to Commercial Window Cleaning

Does your present building contract include coverage for commercial window cleaning? As a commercial building owner, you try to find methods to get the most out of your operating budget each month. Getting the most out of your current services will save you much money over time, as commercial window cleaning is one of your biggest expenses. 

You will learn important information about commercial window washing services from this post that you may not be aware of. You’ll save time, money, and energy by understanding how the cleaning profession handles commercial window washing after reading.  

Window Cleaning Buildings Need

Does the service package you now offer for janitorial services include washing business windows? When considering office cleaning services, building managers may not think to ask this particular question. 

There are two primary things you should think about when working with a commercial window-washing company: Trust and transparency. Your janitorial service is responsible for the health of your tenants and the appearance of your building. Make sure you have faith in your business cleaning service to complete the task at hand and to communicate effectively. 

Window Cleaning as a Speciality Service

You should keep in mind that commercial window washing is thought of as a specialty service while searching for a business cleaning provider. This is so because janitorial and window washing are two different industries. 

A company needs to spend money on specific tools and provide its employees with extra training to clean windows on commercial buildings correctly. Cleaning solutions for windows differ from those for other surfaces. In addition, ladders or scaffolding will be needed to enable workers to access high windows or multi-story buildings. 

The fact that cleaning windows involves some risk is another reason window cleaning is typically regarded as a specialty service. Although employees are specifically trained in safety protocols when utilizing ladders and scaffolding to access windows on upper floors, there is always a danger involved in having employees work several stories above ground.

For all the reasons mentioned above and more, a lot of businesses decide to contract out specific window cleaning services for their customers. This guarantees the clients’ high-quality service as well as the safety of the participating staff. 

Interior Vs. Exterior Window Cleaning

When it comes to window cleaning services, external and interior windows differ significantly. Despite having glass on both surfaces, cleaning a window’s two sides can vary greatly. 

Interior windows can frequently be cleaned floor by floor by cleaners using basic tools like step ladders or long-handled squeegees to reach the glass. Furthermore, there are differences in the dirt difficulties faced by exterior and interior windows. Dust and handprints are the most common types of dirt that face inside windows. Pollen, filth, and smog are the main culprits on external windows; these are harder to remove and call for a stronger render cleaning in Melbourne solution.

To put it briefly, cleaning inside windows is simpler than cleaning external ones.

However, what precisely is covered if your cleaning service includes inside window washing? Of course, entryways are included, even if they may technically be outside of your building. Internal windows are one thing. Make sure to find out what window washing services are offered by your cleaning provider. 

Building with Three Storey

Experts provide outside window cleaning for structures with three floors or fewer, as we have already said. In the industry, this is regarded as a sort of “rule of thumb.” Buildings that have more than three floors are referred to as “mid-rise” buildings, and maintaining outside windows at a height has extra dangers. 

You can still have your external windows cleaned even if you decide to go with a business cleaning company that does not clean windows on higher buildings. To guarantee you receive the greatest treatment possible, your cleaning agency will probably contract with a reputable window cleaning business to clean the building’s external windows.

How Often Should You Clean Commercial Windows?

As part of your daily or weekly contract commercial window cleaning, you should include washing the inside and outside of entryway windows. Having spotless entry windows enhances the appearance of a well-run company.

The frequency of cleaning the remaining windows in your building should be determined by taking into account your environment, personal preferences, and whether or not your consumers can clearly see the windows. Commercial windows should be cleaned by professionals at least once a year. Many property managers decide to wash windows in the spring and fall when living in areas with long winters. Windows, particularly in retail organizations, can be cleaned either weekly or every three months in warmer climates.

Can You Clean Windows in Winter?

In below-freezing weather, you shouldn’t wash windows. Glass can break when warm or hot water is applied to cold windows. Streaks may appear after using chemicals or cold water. Additionally, there can be major safety risks while going on roofs or ladders. 

What is The Best Thing to Clean Windows?

We wash business windows using a formula for a secret solution that we own. Today, a lot of professional window washers use the same mixture of deionized (distilled) water and a few drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid that is advised for home windows. The water spots brought on by the calcium in tap water can be removed by using distilled water. Add ethanol or isopropyl alcohol to the mixture to expedite the drying process of the windows, particularly on muggy days.

Using a quality squeegee, such as Etorre or Unger, is vital to generating clean windows with no streaks. The life of the blade can be increased by wiping it with a natural sponge after each stroke. When the squeegee blade stops render cleaning in Melbourne effectively, replace it just like you would with the window washer blades in your automobile.

Exterior Clean Melbourne: Best Commercial Cleaners

The definitive guide to commercial window washing offers thorough advice for keeping building exteriors immaculate and businesslike. Clear and polished appearance is ensured by hiring professionals, scheduling routine cleanings, and placing a high priority on safety. Businesses can be assured of a dazzling, well-kept front that improves their overall attractiveness and image by adhering to these principles.