An Essentials Checklist for Packing to Study in the UK

Spending a semester or two in a new country might be just the experience you need for a burgeoning career. Maybe you are going away on an exchange programme or planning to move to a new country permanently. However, packing smartly is crucial if you plan to make a move. From getting a sim card UK to finding a sturdy pair of boots that can withstand the English rains, you need to plan everything that goes into your bags consciously. 

Packing carefully is important for students primarily because of customs regulations. Security risks and space constrictions are also major reasons you must be meticulous while packing. Here is a checklist to help you assemble functional luggage for the move. 

#1 Proofs and Documents 

These are the most important things in your life for the next few months. Passport, driver’s license, student ID, visa, and all other legal documents are to be packed, preferably in some waterproof cover. Be sure to make copies of these documents so you can get by even if these documents are stolen or lost. Do not forget to carry these documents in a bag or folder with security locks and other protection. 

#2 Electronics 

When you move to the UK to study, there is no question that you will need a laptop for your coursework and a phone to stay connected. These two are electronic devices that you cannot avoid packing. Unless you have any other gadgets that are integral to your education, do not pack them with you. Electronics are the leading reason behind tourist theft, so pack these gadgets as inconspicuously as possible. Get hold of a sim card UK as soon as you can if you don’t want to go off the grid for a while. 

#3 Clothes and Shoes 

While packing clothes, one thing you need to remember is that clothes are not all you have to take with you. Pack light, thinking of outfits that are comfortable and effortlessly formal. Don’t expect to go everywhere in your sweats and research the UK weather while you pick what goes in your bag. 

For accessories such as raincoats or winter jackets, buy them from your home country only if you can’t afford the prices in the UK. Such pieces of clothing take up too much space, and lugging them across the globe is not wise. 

#4 Local Currency 

This is something you must plan for in advance. Before settling in the UK, you need the funds to get around for a while. You can stick as much as you want in your bank, but you may not be able to access your account immediately, so keep some pounds in your wallet. You can also load up prepaid gift cards and e-wallets used in the UK to prevent carrying a lot of cash. 

#5 Medications

When you are making a move across continents, the medicines available might be slightly different from what you are used to. So always carry your prescription and the prescribed medications, so you don’t potentially endanger yourself. Finding a medical practitioner and getting a new prescription can be a little out of your budget, so stay prepared with medication for minor ailments. 

Final Thoughts 

Making a move to the UK to start your future is exciting. In order to start in style, you need to pack everything that can help you thrive at your destination.