ServiceNow Partners

All About Certified ServiceNow Partners

The most profitable businesses in modern times are leveraging the benefits of cloud technology and ServiceNow. However, the challenge requires you to find the perfect ServiceNow partner who can understand your business while focusing on the human side of technology. It also assures it commits to continually redefining the service in the changing milieu. 

There are numerous approved partners in Australia that you can opt for. Organisations that give partner relationships precedence over a one-time contract benefit attest to being perfect service partners. They develop strategy, governance, business results, and roadmaps in close collaboration with their partner, resulting in a streamlined digital transformation.

But, you must be wondering how to find the best partner? What to look for? This article shall apprise you with all the relevant knowledge. By the end of this article, you shall be well accustomed to the traits attached to the most viable partner. 

What is the Use of a Partner for ServiceNow?

A partner assists businesses in implementing practical solutions. It also provides unmatched training to propel their productivity. ServiceNow has accredited partners in every industry and sector globally. Being a partner for ServiceNow entails more than just providing the technical know-how to ensure a successful digital transformation.

Unlike many other partner models, the tiering-up approach of ServiceNow is not based on reaching sales and certification goals to obtain access to higher program tiers with more significant discounts. Instead, partners are categorised into tiers depending on their dedication to customer success and providing the best ServiceNow experience. It is pertinent to note that the tiered framework in ServiceNow is ‘4C’.

A partner organisation has access to broad knowledge-based successes and failures-from previous engagements, allowing them to build on lessons learned for better and faster implementation. A partner in ServiceNow also provides training capabilities, which can help the business implement the technology more quickly.

Opting for the Appropriate Partner

Clients receive distinct benefits from different partners. Some companies specialise in only one or two apps, which is good if you only need to deploy one. The following factors influence the selection of a perfect ServiceNow partner:

  • Before proceeding with the partner search, clients need to figure out exactly what they are looking for in an implementation partner. A partner may be a better fit, depending on your organisation’s needs. Knowing what you require can assist you in evaluating and selecting the best partner.
  • Check the certificates or excellent references of the partner. 
  • Look at the partner’s implementation experience. It will reveal a lot about what they’re good at and which business they work in.
  • Determine whether their approach aligns with your company’s culture and objectives.

Prerequisites for Becoming a ServiceNow Partner

ServiceNow chooses all of its authorised partners after a thorough application evaluation. A ServiceNow training program is necessary for new partners. ServiceNow has segmented its partners into three categories:

1. Elite – Includes partners who have developed more than five practices aligned to Bus & global scale. 

2. Premier – Partners that developed three or four practices aligned to Bus. They have a strong regional footprint. 

3. Specialist – Partners who built a practice linked with one or two business divisions.

Within these areas, ServiceNow offers a tiered architecture known as the 4Cs that helps customers choose partners who consistently produce exceptional results and experiences.

Every day, partners experience innumerable benefits offered by the platform. Clients also benefit from the unfathomable assistance their partners provide to make the workflow even more efficient. Above all, the client-partner relationship is built on a solid business bond that involves them sharing invaluable experiences.