Adapting To Generational Recruitment

Adapting To Generational Recruitment

As for the work environment, it became clear that different generations have different values. A recent study by GoodHire investigated hiring and work trends across age groups and revealed how different we are all. For example, there are gaps between generations when it comes to the balance between work and life. Gen Z wants more paid leave, primarily because of an imbalance between work and life, while Millennials and X want a certain percentage of salary. At the same time, Boomers focus more on promotion and career opportunities. This is far from the only difference between generations.

However, if different generations are looking for other work environments and are motivated to join the company, recruiters need to consider different strategies when hiring each age group.

I recently came across some impressive statistics from Glassdoor. So, Generation Z has also recently entered the employment market, making it the most unfamiliar talent group for recruiters hiring them.

That’s why we decided to create a guide for everyone who employs different age groups. The goal is to explain how to customise everything from employer branding to recruitment marketing efforts, depending on each group’s job motivation and the people they are hiring.

Recruitment strategy for Generation Z

You can use a recruitment software for effective recruitment. First, let’s look at the differences between Gen Z and other age groups. We consider anyone born between 1995 and 2010 as Gen Z. This is “special” in the first place because they are very tech-savvy and were taken with a tech gadget in their hands. They are known for their ubiquitous messaging, internet and social networking activities. In addition, they are likely to be interested in trends, but they can also quickly investigate social issues. The following trends make Generation Z a different type of workforce than the older generation.

  •  Fully involved in the gig economy
  •  They care more about the meaning of their work
  •  Networking with technology
  •  Seeking more work-life balance

These characteristics reflect the motivation to apply for a particular company or job, the type of work environment you are looking for, and ultimately which hiring process to design and hire.

 So you can adapt some aspects to attract more Gen Z to work for your company:

  •  Creating an exciting growth culture
  •  Customise your career site by creating a separate landing page
  •  Use social media channels

Create a stimulating growth culture

Generation Z characterises themselves by a strong sense of belonging to the company in which they work. Corporate value is essential to them, and they want to equate them. In addition, this group of candidates aims to influence society, and in many cases, some meaningful or influential role attracts more Gen Z.

Ultimately, focusing on corporate culture is beneficial in many ways. First, you know what values ​​your company represents. Second, it can attract more generational employees that will overtake the employment market in the next few years. Ultimately, research shows that employees in line with the culture are likely to be better, so they can attract more productive candidates. In particular, the level of cultural identity on the cognitive and behavioural aspects has a significant positive effect on task performance, cognitive, behavioural, and emotional cultural identity, and social factors. , Has a very positive impact on predicting contextual interpretations. Therefore, by focusing on corporate culture, you can hire people of all ages who empathise with your corporate values.

Adapt your career site by creating separate landing pages

It is essential to build a cohesive workplace culture with outstanding values ​​to benefit current employees and effectively convey these values ​​to potential future employees. It is just as important.

Use your brand career page and a separate landing page to communicate your values ​​directly. And attract your target audience (Gen Z in this case) to see what your company will look like. The company that works it creates an online space shown in one whether you decided to create a separate landing page for young viewers to show how your work affects the lives of others. Or your company’s contemporary attitude towards the balance between technology use and work life. All this has a positive effect on the image of the younger generation. So, you can get High volume Recruitment via a suitable software for your company.