A World Champion Boxer Is Proud Of His Tattoo Jake Paul is a character in the film Jake Paul!

After knocking out Tyron Woodley in December, YouTuber turned boxing star Paul is currently 5-0 in the sport.

Jake paul’s girlfriend Julia Rose also loved his tattoos.

The name of his next opponent is yet to clear. But, Briedis, one of the best active fighters in the world, has expressed interest.”Today we will make some crazy scenes,” ‘The Latvian Punisher’ says in a filmed video. ‘Let’s see what’s going on, Jake.’

Briedis then walks into a tattoo parlor and talks with an artist about the design he wants before taking a seat in the chair.

About his Tatto

“Hey Jake, I’ve got something for you,” says Briedis as he gets a tattoo on the front of his leg. As the camera focuses on his new tattoo, the 36-year-old says, “Jake, now it’s your turn.”

The image of a bull with crimson eyes and the words ‘Jake Paul’s Bad Karma’ above and below the head make up the design.

Paul was before promised the world title against Briedies, who has held the belt since September 2020. One of the primary conditions suggested by promoter Kalle Sauerland was that Paul must resign from the sport. He recently posted footage of himself in the gym practicing leg kicks, tagging Bellator and PFL.

His another Tattoo

Tyron Woodley received a tattoo of “I love Jake Paul” on his left middle finger as part of a wager he and Paul made before and after their boxing battle last month. On Monday, Woodley shared a photo of the tattoo on Instagram.

Woodley wrote, “I love you, son.” “Now come get this a— whipping since I heard you talking back to your elders,” she says.

Paul informed ESPN two weeks ago that Woodley had ruled himself out of contention for Paul’s next opponent because he refused to get the tattoo. Woodley wanted a rematch, and after their fight on Aug. 29, which Paul won by split decision, Paul stated he’d agree to a rematch if Woodley got the tattoo.

The tattoo wager shows the first time in July at a press briefing. Both men agreed that the loser would have a tattoo on their body proclaiming their love for. The winner. Paul even attended the battle with a tattoo artist so that they could get some tattoos done as soon as they exited the ring.

Yet, following the fight, Paul’s team stated that if Woodley received the tattoo. Woodley’s team desired something more solid, so it did not happen right away.

Following his battle with Woodley, Paul stated that he would take a break from boxing, and he told talkSPORT that he is likely to go on vacation with his girlfriend soon, but he is not doing with the sport.

“making history and leaving an everlasting mark on the sport where people will talk about ‘OK, in 2020, when Jake Paul came into the sport, it replaces forever,” Paul said of his boxing objectives.


“That’s what motivates me the most.” Second, it’s all about winning and continuing to defeat opponents.

“I have a list of individuals I want to drop, and then there’s a part of me that thinks, hey, I’ve been doing this for so long, I’m good at it, and I’m only getting better, why not? Become a world champion?” “the ideal arrangement is if this kid came into the sport, went 10-0, won the world title, and then faded.” He then yanked a crumpled yellow piece of paper from his mouth with the words “I Love You Too” scrawled in purple ink on it out of his mouth. Now that Woodley has the tattoo, there will be no ill feelings heading into a rematch.