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A Handy Maintenance Guide for Your Beloved Buick

Are you a proud Buick owner? Then you probably feel like a million bucks when you ride the vehicle. After all, it’s a lifetime investment. But, like any other investment, you’d expect some returns. The only return you’ll get from your beloved car is a long-lasting performance.

To enjoy riding the Buick for years, you must take good care of it. This means getting proper tune-ups, checking the tires, and cleaning the exteriors.      

If you’re searching for a Buick dealer in Riverside for a new car and want to learn car maintenance tips, this post is for you. Experienced owners can also dive in! 

Clean the Exteriors

You need to keep the car’s surface clean to make it look stunning at all times. 

For an expensive car like Buick, be extra careful while cleaning. Use soap or a cleaning agent suitable for car paint. Then, use a clean cloth or sponge to wipe the exterior using the cleaning solution. 

Moreover, ensure that there isn’t dirt or grime on the paint before cleaning. If you rub the cloth on the dirt, it can scratch the surface. So, clean your car with a dry cloth before washing it.   

Keep Tires Inflated 

The tires constantly come in contact with the road and any harsh terrains. So, they have a high possibility of getting worn out or damaged. That’s why it is essential to check whether your car’s tires are properly inflated. 

Most Buick models come with a sensor for checking tire pressure. A tire gauge will also help you understand whether the pressure is fine. 

Temperature changes can decrease the tire pressure and lead to a flat tire. On the contrary, high pressure can cause your tires to blow out. 

So, check your tire pressure after every two weeks to be on the safer side. 

Don’t Pressurize the Parts 

You have to resist the urge to drive fast and go hard on the accelerator. Driving like this pressurizes the accelerator, clutch, gears, and brakes. Not to mention, it’s extremely unsafe. 

In addition, if you’re stuck in the mud or snow, go easy on the Buick. Moving forwards and backward repeatedly or spinning tires can heat your engine. Further, it’s not recommended for the clutches and the car’s transmission. 

Avoid doing all this and call a tow truck when in trouble.   

Limit Harmful Emissions 

When you drive a car regularly, you are responsible for the environment. You need to reduce pollution and harmful emissions from your car. 

Follow these steps to reduce emissions and preserve your car: 

  • Use high-quality premium fuel 
  • Change the engine oil frequently and keep the car well-lubricated 
  • Please turn off the engine when it’s not in use 
  • Brake gently and not harshly 

But if you still can’t control the emissions, contact the Bureau of Automotive repair, Riverside County, Riverside. They can handle smog-related automobile repairs and help keep your car eco-friendly. They can also help you with problems related to car warranties.

You might have to pay a certain amount to avail of their services. Contact them via their website or office phone number to talk to an officer. 

Parting Thoughts 

So, before finding a Buick dealer in Riverside, you need to figure out a maintenance plan for the car. Besides following the above tips, you can also get in touch with an expert mechanic. Ask for monthly repairs or touch-ups to keep your car in great shape.