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A Definite Guide to Fix Linksys Router IP Not Working Issue

Linksys wireless routers have built-in web-based setup utilities that permit you to customize your network. The user interface is used to configure, check, and modify wired as well as wireless settings on the router.

Although it is not rocket science to access the web user interface using the default Linksys router IP, however, many users face issues while during so. If you are also stuck in the same mess, walk through the troubleshooting tips mentioned in this post.

Resolved: Linksys Router IP Not Working

  1. Use the Correct IP Address

Before you do anything else, make sure that you have entered the correct IP address in the address bar of your web browser. If you haven’t, you now know why you are facing the Linksys router IP not working issue.

Therefore, make sure that you use the correct IP address to log in to your Linksys wireless router. If doing so doesn’t work in your favor, consider following the next hack.

  1. Check the Ethernet Connection

Chances are that the Ethernet connection between your Linksys router and the existing modem is not stable. And that might be because of a damaged Ethernet cable.

To troubleshoot the issue, it is recommended that your get your current Ethernet cable replaced with a new one. You also have the choice of connecting your devices with the help of a wireless source.

  1. Update the Web Browser

Another reason why you are experiencing the Linksys router IP not working issue might be because of an outdated web browser. Check if the web browser you are using currently using is updated or not. If it isn’t, then consider updating it by going to the Settings option.

  1. Avoid WiFi Interference

You also need to keep WiFi interference at bay if you are adamant to fix the Linksys router IP not working issue. To be specific, keep your router away from things like:

  • Cordless phones
  • Washing machines
  • Baby monitors
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Mirrors
  • Fish tanks
  • Refrigerators
  • Microwave ovens
  • Treadmills
  • Televisions
  • Aluminum studs
  • Utensils containing water

Additionally, avoid placing your Linksys router in corners or near thick concrete walls.

  1. Reboot Your Linksys Router

Technical glitches can also issues similar to the one you are facing right now. But, nothing to worry about here because these glitches can be taken care of if you reboot your Linksys router. Mentioned below are the instructions that you need to follow in order to reboot your wireless device:

  • Disconnect your Linksys router from the existing modem.
  • Power off your Linksys WiFi router and unplug it from the wall socket.
  • Wait for some time.
  • Plug your Linksys router back into the wall socket.
  • Press the Power button.

If even rebooting your device doesn’t resolve the Linksys router IP not working issue for you, it is recommended that you reset it.

  1. Reset Your Linksys Router

Resetting your Linksys wireless router will restore your device to the factory default settings. This means that whatever changes you’ve made to your device till date will get erased. But, it is worth the risk, right?

If you agree, then take the help of the below-mentioned steps and learn how to restore your device to the factory default mode:

  • Look for the Reset button located on your Linksys wireless router.
  • Once found, take an oil press and carefully use to to press the Reset button..
  • Wait for a couple of seconds.

Resetting your device will surely help get rid of the Linksys router IP not working issue.

Once you are done resetting your Linksys wireless router, reconfigure it by following the guidelines given in the user manual.

Wrapping Up

With the help of the aforementioned troubleshooting tips, you will surely be able to resolve the Linksys router IP not working issue. If you do, don’t hesitate to leave a word of appreciation in the comment section. If you have performed Linksys WiFi extender
at home and are facing the same issue with it, follow the same tips mentioned above.