A comprehensive guide to study masters in Australia 2022

You can’t do much better than a Masters in Australia if your interest in postgraduate study abroad is fuelled by a sense of adventure, a love of travel, and a desire to explore new things.

This article contains thorough information about postgraduate degrees in the Australian university system. This offers a guide to international student visas in Australia and information on the application procedure for Australian Masters degrees.

What Postgraduate opportunities are available to study Masters in Australia?

As an international Master’s student, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the elements that make Australia one of the world’s most desirable tourist destinations while also taking advantage of the universities’ unparalleled educational opportunities.

Here are some of the reasons to study Masters in Australia this year:

  • World-class reputation – Eight Australian institutions are ranked among the top 150 universities globally.
  • International perspective – With over 500,000 international students, Australian universities must be doing something right!
  • Fantastic climate and quality of life — Australia is one of the world’s safest and most stable countries, with enviable year-round sunshine.
  • Unique research opportunities – Australia’s waters and beaches are well-known for being a surfer’s paradise, but they also provide unrivalled opportunities for environmental science research. After all, how many other countries provide opportunities for their marine biologists to explore the Great Barrier Reef?
  • Programs that are well-known worldwide – Australian Master’s degrees are internationally recognized and are based on the British degree system


Universities to study Masters in Australia

There are over 40 universities to study masters in Australia. Most of them are public institutions funded and administered by Australia’s federal government.

Some have many campuses, but the majority are located within certain cities, with the eastern coast having the highest concentration


As an international student, you can study Master’s in Australia at any Australian university, provided you meet their application and admissions requirements. You will typically pay fees at a slightly higher rate but will otherwise be admitted on the same basis as domestic students.

 Study masters in Australia; course types

You can study Masters in Australia in a range of degree formats.

The organization of Australian degree qualifications will probably seem quite familiar

 if you have previous experience of a western university system.

Australia uses a three-tiered degree structure like the UK system (upon which it is modeled). Undergraduate Bachelor’s degrees are followed by postgraduate Masters Degrees. Some students then continue to higher-level research qualifications, such as the Ph.D.

Many Australian degree programs also use similar names to their UK equivalents. For example, the titles of MA (Masters of Arts) and MSc (Master of Science) are widely employed


However, some course names are different. A Master of Commerce degree is more common than a Master of Marketing degree. Meanwhile, rather than the UK Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), professional teaching qualifications are commonly referred to as Graduate Diplomas of Teaching (or Masters of Teaching).

How long does it take to study Masters in Australia?

The exact length of your Master’s degree will depend on its course content and the type of program you study. Your professional and academic background may also be a factor in some cases.

Most Master’s degrees take one to two years to complete in Australia.

What about Masters by Research in Australia?

Most Australian universities offer both research-based Masters Degrees and taught courses. These will usually be academic programs (though some professional courses can include extended practical placements).

You can study Master’s in Australia by Research as a terminal (final) qualification. You may be eligible to upgrade your registration to a Ph.D. if you pursue doctoral research.

Fees and funding to study masters in Australia

For international students, programs cost between AUD $22,000 and $50,000 per year (USD $16,530 to $37,575). Master’s degrees in the arts and humanities will be at the bottom of the scale, while science-based degrees will be at the top. Subjects like Medicine and Veterinary science may have even higher scores.

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