Essential oil boxes


Essential oil boxes

Essential oils are aromatic and therapeutic oils used for therapies. They are the new organic solution to all kinds of pain in the body. People are quickly shifting towards such products and so the market is increasing day by day. Keeping in view the demand of the product the demand for the product’s proper packaging will be the next concern of the people of the industry. 7 features of a perfect custom essential oil boxes are mentioned below;

Prevent leakage

The first thing as the business owner you should see is whether whatever kind of box you are making for your product, is it capable of avoiding leakage of the oil that you want to reach to your customer safely either by shipping or take away. No one would want to buy a product again if they find it soaked in oil by the time they try to use it. To make sure your customers come again and again for your products you have to take care of leakage preventions primarily. Making sure to use good material while choosing vessel for your brand’s essential oil. Not only “good” or “high quality” material but also suitable according to your product and user friendly.

Box styles

There are uncountable designs of boxes for any kind of product and according to your desires. There is a catalogue on every website for you to give a quick check. You might be thinking that what difference would a box design make? Right? Yes, your question is valid and here’s the answer. Customers appreciate unique boxing style for them to make unboxing a thrilling, fashionable and full of surprises event for them. So, a tuck end box or a sleeve and tray box, a rectangular box or a square little box, window boxes or slide boxes etc are some of the options you can choose your wished one out of. Remember, it is the foundation of all the creative work that you will be doing on your box.

High quality materials

Using substandard materials in order to save money is not even an option. Whatever you do, do with complete honesty because honesty is the best policy. From the paper stock you use to the printing quality everything has to be of a respected standard to make a decent and fair impression in the eyes of your customers. The paper stock you use should be according to your product so that it can be durable enough to protect the product throughout the way to the consumer. For this knowledge you should consult with your Packaging Xpert and they will guide you properly. For example, cardboard is a thoughtful choice. Talking net about the high quality would be about the quality of the printing on the box. Every idea you have been working on can be wasted in a second if not printed properly on the boxes because at the end of the day your consumers are going to see the box not your initial designs. Printing has to be of elite standard like digital printing, set printing etc.  

Attractive looks

The quality is one of the salient features to be diligent about, but everything has to be to perfection that’s why you should look for more options than just being satisfied with the quality. Looks are important too. Graphics, illustrations, catchy texts, and colour play are some of the things to be vigilant about. You can opt out for any lamination type including, matte, to add a deep texture, gloss, to represent shine and glamour, soft touch, to show shallow shimmer. You can add a complete UV coat or just spots UV coat for an extra layer of colour, depth or design. Colours, shades, ombre or plane any type can be chosen. Everything depends on whatever you want to do and decide according to your target audience, your product, and your communication with your customers. Embossing, debossing, logo addition, brand name, gold foiling, silver foiling etc are the add-ons to be added for more glamour and attractive look.

Product details

Guiding your customers through the use of the product and the basic details that they would want to know can be eased by printing every product specific detail on the box so that while buying, your consumer can read it thoroughly and then decide whether to bud on the item or not. Expiry date, date of manufacture, ingredients, organic or inorganic, place of manufacture are some of the details to be mentioned. If a window pane is added to the box then you are even helping them more by giving them a sneak peek into the box on the item.

Speak for themselves

Your packaging is the unspoken marketing ambassador of your brand. It has to be enticing enough to talk for itself from the shelf of the retail shop. Your customer’s interaction has to be live with your product and at that time your ideas will be presented to them so the essential oil boxes has to be alluring enough for the customer to make it to their shopping carts. And even bring them back for another bottle.

Environment friendly packaging

Taking care of our home is responsibility and should be treated like one after whatever we have done to it. Thinking of where and how will all these packaging’s will be disposed or dumped off and will they be able to degrade are questions everyone should ponder about. So, being a business owner you ought to work with the packaging company who are also equally concerned about our planet. You ought to use environment friendly and easily disposable packaging product for your items. Together we can make a difference.


By going through every step and taking care of every feature mentioned above you can very smoothly, without any problem and successfully make your own brand’s identity.