6 Ways Beauty Trends Have Shifted In 2022

Like all trends, beauty trends change year upon year. From hair styles and eye makeup looks to skincare and cosmetic procedures, there are plenty to explore. And while trends vary dramatically, there have been a few that have stood out this year. We’ve taken a look at the different beauty trends and how they have manifested this year. Take a look to learn more!

The rise of cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic procedures have been on the rise for a few years, but in this decade they definitely became mainstream. Whether people were going for body augmentation procedures or just Botox at Skin Vitality, everyone has been trying something new.

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, it could be influenced by celebrity culture, with celebrities like the Kardashians making cosmetic procedures much more normalised. Additionally, cosmetic procedures have become much more accessible with things like Botox and lip fillers becoming more affordable and reliable.

Retinol use

Retinol has been used in clinical settings for years. It is a great ingredient if you’re looking to improve collagen production and reduce fine lines, and with many brands offering retinol-based products now, many people have got access to this ingredient now.

It is important that if you are using retinol, you read all the safety information on the product and don’t mix it with ingredients that could cause damage to the skin.

Graphic eye liner

Eyeliner goes through many revolutions each year, and this year we have seen an uptick in coloured graphic eyeliner. Some of the designs have become incredibly elaborate and it is in total opposition to the more natural makeup looks that have also been on trend this year.

Graphic liner has been sported by celebs on the red carpet and made a significant appearance in some of the incredible eye makeup looks in the TV show, Euphoria. If you’re planning on having a go of this trend, be aware, it requires a lot of patience!

Skincare, skincare, skincare

In recent years, skincare has become a bit of trend, meaning that people are paying much more attention to the products that they are putting on their skin and taking care of their skin in ways that they hadn’t before.

This has been facilitated by many ingredients that used to only be found in clinical settings now being found on the shelves of regular drugstores and pharmacies. It has also given rise to the ‘skincare influencer’ who offers recommendations and advice on the best skincare products currently on the market.

Laminated brows

Laminated brows are the name for those spiky brows that we keep seeing on influencers and celebs. It is basically a brow texturizing treatment that flattens and straightens brows until they are spiky.

Another brow trend we have seen increase in popularity this year is the no-brow look. While this has been a trend in some communities for a long time, it gained mainstream prominence this year when a number of celebrities opted to bleach their brows.

The skinification of hair

And lastly, this was the year that we began treating our hair right. Brands brought out hair products with common skin care ingredients in them to help us treat our scalps properly. This is because having a healthy scalp is thought to improve the thickness and feeling of hair. These products moisturise and increase blood flow to the scalp to help with hair growth and reduce breakages.

Beauty trends change every year, and these were the most important ones we saw this year. While trends will change, if you find something that works for you, keep doing it–even if it’s not on trend anymore!