6 Must-Have Makeup Items for Makeup Novices

Even the most experienced makeup professional may find it difficult and intimidating to put together an effective makeup kit, let alone a newbie. 

Any beauty beginner could easily become overwhelmed with the vast array of brands and formulas available from renowned companies like LA Girl, Milani, Ofra, etc. Feeling a little perplexed when determining which ones are best for you is normal. 

But don’t worry! If you’re just getting started and looking for a decent guide (or perhaps an experienced user wishing to switch things up slightly), this article will lead you through a list of all the makeup essentials and supplies you need in your makeup bag.


Primers frequently go unnoticed, especially by makeup beginners, yet they are an essential component of your makeup collection. Imagine it as skin-specific Photoshop. 

Covering up large pores, wrinkles, and other imperfections, primers help to smooth out your complexion and give you a smooth and even base, making it simple to apply makeup. 

Foundation and Concealer

It’s crucial to keep a powder or liquid foundation on hand to even out your skin tone, whether you apply it frequently or occasionally. Combine it with a rich cream concealer to easily conceal flaws and those bothersome under-eye circles. 

You might even choose a 2-in-1 solution that combines both advantages in a single bottle if you’re pressed for time but still wants to look immaculate. 

Milani’s “Conceal + Perfect” 2-in-1 Foundation, which features a unique formula that glides evenly to tone and conceals skin while also imparting a naturally flawless finish, might be your choice. It provides a vivid, impressive finish in just one precise skin-perfecting step!

Setting Powder

You must set your makeup with pressed powder to prevent looking like a sparkling disco light at the end of your day. 

Although loose powders are excellent for creating an airbrushed, blurry look, they may be messy if misapplied, so experts advise including a compact or loose powder in your makeup bag. 


Blushes are another essential makeup item for bringing colour back to the cheeks. Your face may appear flat and monotonous once applied base makeup. 

Your skin will look enlivened and more attractive when you add a flush of colour to the apples of your cheeks. 

When building a personalized makeup kit, you can decide to spend money on a blush palette to enable you to play with various hues and combine and contrast colours to produce a genuinely distinctive tint that enhances your features. 


This beauty item should be a staple in every makeup bag, even if you’re a novice. Highlighters can assist you in improving your makeup game, whether you want a natural makeup look or desire to go all out. 

You can use a highlighter in various ways to get the most out of this modest makeup item, whether you want to add a gentle touch of liquid highlighter to your base for a subtle shimmer or add some blinding illumination with a powder highlighter.

Setting Spray

Last but not least, this makeup item is crucial to ensuring that your hard work holds up through the rest of the day. To ensure that your makeup is sealed, use a setting spray as the last step of your makeup application process.

Brownie Tip: Spritz your face with setting spray a few times during the day to keep your skin looking and refreshed.

It’s ‘Add to Cart Time! 

There’s something incredibly empowering about using makeup products! It somehow elevates your entire mood, whether you’re flaunting that not-quite-perfect winged liner or that stunning red lip. 

For newbies, makeup can occasionally be a little intimidating. Well, here’s hoping this post has inspired you to put together your unique makeup kit and has shown you that it wasn’t that tough. 

Visit the closest cosmetics store right now to try out the various makeup items, treat yourself with a makeover, and play around with different formulations and tints!