6 Instagram Marketing Trends You Need to Know in 2022

Get ready, because lots are set to unfold on Instagram in the coming twelve months.

The concept of creator-led shopping is expected to transform the way we shop on the internet. The chronological feed is expected to come back – and be aware that we’re likely to get a lot of recommended content that we can get our hands-on.

That’s just the tip of the Iceberg.

Are you prepared to stay ahead of the pack? Here are the six most important Instagram buymalaysianfollowers marketing trends to know by 2022:

  • Suggested and Chronological Content Feeds
  • Merged Video Formats
  • Creator-led Commerce
  • Brand Personalities
  • Video Memes
  • Community Engagement Features

Trend #1: The Introduction of Chronological and Suggested Content Feeds

Your eyes don’t deceive you The chronological feed may be coming back quite soon.

What will this mean for Instagram 2022?

We’re betting on a Home feed with the ability to switch between the “Suggested For You” and the sequential “Following” feed.

Do you recognize the sound? It’s because it’s.

TikTok has already set the standard with this format and it’s working well. TikTok is now much more popular Instagram with US-based Gen Z users.

The short version is that suggested feeds of content will be available on Instagram however you can choose to view a feed that is chronological as well.

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Trend #2: Video Formats Will Merge

Instagram already has merged IGTV in Feed Videos – but we’re betting on a more refined Instagram video offerings in 2022.

In the current state of feed video, Reels, and Instagram Stories all in play It’s very probable that Instagram will shift to an unifying approach.

Indeed, we’ve read stories that Instagram is currently testing an angled Instagram Stories feed.

Similar to Reels Doesn’t it?

It’s clear that this format is currently in trial mode, but now that we’ve looked at the format, it shouldn’t seem like a huge effort to have one feed that connects the feeds of videos and Reels as well as stories.

Trend #3: Creator-led Commerce Will Change the Way We Shop

If you were thinking Instagram was becoming an online shopping site be prepared to be surprised, as you haven’t yet had any experience with it yet.


In 2022 Instagram is expected to roll out its creator affiliate program in greater detail that will provide significant financial incentives to the influencers and influencers in all shapes who want to sell products for brands.

In the launch to the concept of affiliate (or “commission-based”) revenue on Instagram eliminates the need for lengthy contracts and agreements – making influencer marketing through Instagram much more accessible for all to participate in.

But that’s not all. Instagram will soon make “Creator Shops” available to more people on the platform, providing an alternative platform for creators and influencers who want to showcase the products of brands they like (while making a profit from the sales they drive).

The bottom line: shopping with a creator is set to become mainstream, so don’t be shocked by the time your Instacart receipts go up in value in 2022.

Trend #4: The Rise of Brand Personalities

Gone are the days where Instagram was solely for sharing aesthetically-pleasing pictures. Today, the app is the home of something far more powerful that is community and discussion.

It’s true, Instagram is putting the “social” back in social media.

What does this mean for creators and brands? In simple terms that means it’s the right time to add your own personality on the market.

If that’s appearing to Instagram Stories, bringing your voice to your Instagram captions, or even getting imaginative with your the camera to create Instagram Reels.

At Later one of our team is to Instagram Stories every week to discuss essential information on a hot social media issue. It’s informal, casual and full of character.

In the end, we’re able to communicate at a deeper level to our most engaged followers – making them feel more part of the community and encouraging participation.

Trend #5: Video Memes Will Reign Supreme

Memes will always be the recipe for instant success , but by the year 2022, memes with video will be what’s hot on Instagram.

Video memes are similar to static memes – something that is abstract humorous, cute, or funny and accompanied by a relatable emotion however in a more lively and entertaining format.

Have a look at this video meme is from Later’s Instagram account, which has racked up over the 124K mark with an average reach of 33 percent:

“The evolution to video memes is a natural progression,” says Mel Mckechnie, Later’s Social Media Manager.

“Video memes permit the jokes to be further and allow allows for more stories to be told through the format. They also keep your viewers in the loop for longer in anticipation of the next bit of relatability.”

Since Instagram continues to favor short-form videos ahead of other formats, memes from video will be one most popular way to achieve viral success.

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Trend #6: New and Improved Community Engagement Features

In terms of conversations, no one does it as well as Instagram.

From emoji responses and interactive stickers for stories Instagram can drive conversation and foster communities – and this is one of the advantages they’re going to lose in 2022.

So what can we expect over the next twelve months? We’re predicting that engagement-driven stickers (such as the Question sticker) will be a part of in the Reels chat.

In addition, we expect that the replies to comments will be more interactive

and fun and interactive – with the option to respond via video or voice message.

The lesson to take away? If you’re thinking of Instagram as a platform for sharing Click Here photos be prepared

as things have changed dramatically way.

Instagram is an engaging social media platform, and if you are looking to be successful in 2022

, it’s the right time to get your hands dirty take a step forward, walk into the red light and show off your personality.

The more engaging, personal or engaging your material more memorable and engaging, the more engaging!